A new Diesel Bad box set to offer for Christmas

A new Diesel Bad box set to offer for Christmas
A new Diesel Bad box set to offer for Christmas

All of Diesel’s Bad Masculinity in a New Box

The world of luxury is often marked by many codes. However, some brands do not hesitate to thwart trends and be particularly daring. Diesel falls into this category. This great couture and perfume brand is aimed at a young generation who dares to rebel. His Bad perfume from 2016 is also there to testify. Addressing once again to rebellious young men, he invites himself into a brand new, most incandescent box.

Bad, Diesel’s rebellious man

If the world of luxury has often accustomed us to the portrait of a good-looking man, with Diesel, the atmosphere is quite different! Here, it is about a rebellious man, a real bad-boy! Bad perfume has a certain nonchalance in it. Her disarming sincerity makes her look particularly sexy. Neither really scum, nor killer, the Bad man is a seducer in spite of himself. As rebellious as he is tempting, he burns with an incandescent charm that no woman seems to be able to resist. Bad by Diesel exudes a magnetic attraction. However, Bad could turn out to be dangerous: “It feels so good, because it’s bad. Now you know. ” You have been warned! So, will you dare to succumb to temptation?

Diesel Bad’s Incendiary Box

The cabinet Bad Dieselsays a lot about the incandescence of this fragrance. It comes in the form of a rectangular cardboard box whose surface is decorated with a copper texture reminiscent of the word “Bad” which stands out on the front of its bottle. The whole is like a vigorous brazier which immediately heats up the temperature. Inside is the 50 ml Bad spray. Dressed in a material with a touch reminiscent of a leather jacket, it has a particularly masculine look. His mysterious virility is the result of a new technique of working with glass. Micro engraved, it takes on the appearance of leather, revealing a copper color in its center and at its collar. Its metal cover, meanwhile, is decorated with a grid pattern. Here, in the Diesel box,

A perfume with a virile and aromatic scent

Of course, each of the components of this box has the same scent, so as to offer you a complete toilet ritual. Bad by Diesel is a woody and aromatic fragrance. Its sophisticated signature combines for the very first time tobacco accords with a saltier scent of caviar. This association raises the temperature a notch and turns out to be a bit erotic. Provocative and intoxicating, it has only one ambition: to make your head spin. Cardamom and lavender further revive the aromatic part of this fragrance. Citrus fruits and cold spices give it more vitality. Finally, bergamot brings here an icy bite that is more incisive, raw and infinitely masculine. The iris, in turn, revives the powdery elegance of the whole.

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