Chanel – Perfection Lumière

Chanel - Light perfection
Chanel – Light perfection

Fluid Complexion Long-lasting Perfecting SPF 10

Perfection has never been so easy:

CHANEL – Perfection Lumière

  • His motto: Perfection has never been so simple.
  • Her philosophy: Perfection within the reach of all women.
  • Its mission: Multifaceted, light perfection acts in the smallest details and meets the requirements of all.
Chanel - Light perfection - Pub
Chanel – Light perfection – Pub
  • Universal: Easygoing, CHANEL’s style is aimed at all women to sublimate and reveal their unique beauty.
  • Unsuspected: Combining comfort and elegance, the CHANEL style embodies freedom of movement and lives to the rhythm of women today.
  • Irreproachable: A CHANEL creation is a luxury for you. Visible or hidden, every detail is perfectly mastered.

Foundation – Luminous Perfection :

Its 3 key assets. Perfection Lumière masters every detail of a perfect complexion to offer a tailor-made result.

UNIVERSAL – An easy make-up gesture: A fluid and light texture, to be applied with your fingertips, to be layered as desired, without a thick effect, for adjustable coverage.

INSOUPCONNABLE – A second skin texture – Long-lasting hold15h: A fusional texture, which is modeled on the face, follows its movements. A long, “multifaceted” hold of shine, color and comfort. Major scientific innovation in cosmetics: the Perfect Skin Afffinity Complex.

IRREPROCHABLE – Perfect correction: Reduction of the intensity of imperfections. Radiance of the complexion. Uniformity of skin tone. Major scientific innovation: the Perfect Light Control complex.

Perfection Lumière – Chanel:

His scientific innovations. Two star complexes:

Foundation - Perfection Lumière Chanel
Foundation – Perfection Lumière Chanel

The Perfect Light Control Complex: Perfect correction and optimal radiance of the complexion. Patented hemispherical powders for optimal light reflection versus conventional spherical powders. A unique combination of 2 types of hemispherical powders: Transparent natural powders for amplified luminosity. And powders coated with mineral pigments for an intense blurring effect. Perfect balance between correction and radiance of the complexion.

The Perfect Skin Affinity Complex: Second skin effect, mattness and comfort. A flexible and adhesive biopolymer derived from medical “patch” technology: creates a texture that perfectly hugs the face and provides long-lasting hold.

Chanel Perfection Lights – Shades:

A range of 8 shades, from the lightest to the darkest to allow each woman to adopt her complexion according to her desires, the season or the desired effect.

  • BEIGE for a natural result: 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60.
  • PINK BEIGE for anti-fatigue results: 12 – 22 – 25 – 32 – 42 – 52.
  • AMBER BEIGE for a healthy glow: 24 – 34 – 44 – 54.

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