CK One Gold, the latest Calvin Klein perfume in a box

CK One Gold, the latest Calvin Klein fragrance arrives in a box
CK One Gold, the latest Calvin Klein fragrance arrives in a box

CK One Gold, the return of Calvin Klein’s androgynous fragrance in a box set

CK One Gold is the reinterpretation of one of the greatest perfumes of the house of Calvin Klein. CK One was established in 1994 and has literally won over a whole generation of men and women. Indeed, it was the first great androgynous perfume in the history of perfumery. He has seduced thousands of teenagers and above all advocates authenticity and sharing. Building on its success, it has been available since 2004 in summer versions, every spring. In 2016, it also became CK One Gold, a more refined and luminous fragrance than ever. However, it is precisely this that Calvin Klein invites us to rediscover in an original box .

The new brightness of CK One Gold

The entire CK One collection is renowned for its freshness and transparency. Nevertheless, CK One Gold gives it an additional dimension: a more solar aspect. Thus, his heart is now enriched with neroli. Its elegance is reflected in a floral and opulent blend of violet and sambac jasmine. Fig and bergamot give it a more fruity side while retaining its initial freshness. Sage reinforces its aromatic part. Finally, for more depth and structure, CK One Gold ends with a woody trio of patchouli, guaiac wood and vetiver.

The CK One Gold box

CK One Gold comes in an elegant white box, as if covered with a molten golden liquid dripping on its walls. It contains, of course, the CK One Gold spray in a 100 ml format. For the occasion, it is associated with its predecessor, CK One, in a mini 15 ml bottle.

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