Composition of the water under the wind the little black dress

Composition of the water under the wind the little black dress
Composition of the water under the wind the little black dress

Guerlain’s Little Intense Black Dress, our gourmet crush

When we talk about Guerlain, we instantly think of the image of a scented dressing room embellished with the essential Little Black Dress. Indeed, this juice is considered to be the bestseller of the brand. Well, know that its mythical bottle in the shape of an inverted heart is now tinged with a magnetic midnight blue and could not be more chic. Indeed, Guerlain presents its brand new juice, a more elaborate, floral and gourmet version than ever. Prepare to welcome La Petite Robe Noire Intense.

A new Guerlain creation signed Thierry Wasser

Thierry Wasser is a unique perfumer who can boast of having been the first of the Guerlain house not to come from the family line. Thus, only his talent allowed him to reach this prestigious position. According to Guerlain, Thierry Wasser is known to be a man “sensitive, refined, elegant and charming. “He has extraordinary olfactory faculties and today has the sole ambition of” telling, showing, exchanging, transmitting “his love for smells. He became the official nose of the Guerlain house in 2008 and has continued the work started by his predecessors since that date. Also, if he scrupulously respects the tradition of the Guerlain house, he does not limit his talent and his personal mark. Today we owe him many masterpieces like Idylle, Habit Rouge or Shalimar Parfum Initial. Likewise, it was he who signed the first opus of La Petite Robe Noire. Revisiting this already legendary juice was only child’s play for him.

The unique scent of La Petite Robe Noire Intense

La Petite Robe Noire Intense is a juice which, as its name suggests, is very strongly inspired by its elders. However, this new version, otherwise known as La Petite Robe Noire Sous le Vent, is touted as smoother and fresher than before. Moreover, the advertising about it could not be clearer: La Petite Robe Noire Intense is an airy fragrance. Its scent begins with an invigorating surge of bergamot. This ingredient from Italy brings a marked but tender freshness to the whole. Here it is accompanied by more fruity, tangy and sparkling blueberry tones. Likewise, it is at this moment that the gluttony of childhood surfaces with a tender smell of cotton candy. This only reinforces the sweet side of this perfume, the hallmark of the entire collection. However, The Little Intense Black Dress does not lack romanticism and femininity. This fragrance contains a strong dose of Bulgarian rose, an ingredient today considered to be the queen of flowers. It all ends with a smoother, creamier and deeper trail. This one lets out aromas of patchouli matched with sandalwood and white musk. Finally, the whole ends with the sweet smell of vanilla.

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