Amber Eau de Parfum

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Amber Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Rook Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are saffron, smoke, incense, amber, maple, black musk, tonka bean and resins

Amber Eau de Parfum
Amber Eau de Parfum


When we say we love amber scents, we don’t just mean the traditional blend of labdanum and vanilla that are so often considered the definitive “amber” note in perfume. Which is good, because neither ingredient is anywhere to be found in Rook’s new Amber scent. What we really love, however, is the spirit of amber- powerful, sensual, spiritual, and comforting, all at once- and that, this Amber has in multitudes. It opens with a genuinely hypnotic smoke note- sweetened with saffron, but rich and animalic, coaxing out the syrupy amber-maple heart like semi-fossilized resin seeping from ancient bark. A tonka bean base adds a touch of familiar vanillic tone, but stripped of the typically creamy dessert trappings. This amber glows with the intensity of late summer dusk in the wilderness, satisfyingly sweet but also exhilarating and primal. In other words, exactly what you’d hope for from Rook.

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