Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia Guerlain Eau de Toilette

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Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia Guerlain Eau de Toilette is a 2021 Floral Fruity Cologne by Guerlain for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Delphine Jelk Thierry Wasser . Top notes are Violet, Melon, Floral notes, Marine note. Middle notes are Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Solar Notes. Base notes are Violet, White musks, Iris.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia Guerlain Eau de Toilette
Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia Guerlain Eau de Toilette


Guerlain plunges us into a bath of flowers with the new Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia

Once again, in 2021, Guerlain is repeating the experience. The brand presents a brand new Aqua Allegoria named Flora Salvaggia. With it, make a real bouquet of wildflowers!

Flora Salvaggia, a very floral essence

Flora Salvaggia by Guerlain, is a fragrance that takes us to an immensity of wild flowers. This fresh and sophisticated eau de toilette is an invitation to escape. Announcing the beautiful days, he explores a new garden, this time working around the theme of field flowers. With it, put yourself in the skin of a bee, the undisputed symbol of the Guerlain brand, and come and browse the expanses of flowers. Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia is a true concentrate of poetry, which embodies the spirit of spring better than any other fragrance. With him, Guerlain tries to “draw from nature, with respect, what is most beautiful”. In addition, note that this perfume can also be personalized. As Guerlain explains, it pairs wonderfully with other Aqua Allegoria, like Bergamotte Calabria, Rosa Rossa, Granada Salvia or Flora Cherrysia. To do this, all you have to do is choose your duo and successively perfume yourself, in equal parts, with your two perfumes… A brilliant idea to obtain more depth!

Guerlain’s legendary Bee Bottle

Flora Salvaggia is a fragrance that comes, like all Aqua Allegoria from Guerlain, in a historic bottle. Its cylindrical shape covered with a dome is a modern evocation of the famous Bee Flask, designed in 1853 for Imperial Cologne. Completely modernized by sculptor Robert Granai, this time it is adorned with a mauve color, emblematic of several field flowers, such as cornflower, violet, wild chicory or borage. The whole is still illuminated by a golden dome chiseled in a honeycomb, while being accompanied by a floral decoration signed by American street artist Michael De Feo.

Spring breath of Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia

Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia by Guerlain is a very rejuvenating fragrance, which evokes an expanse of flowers. From its first breath, it is like tall grass quivering in the wind. With it, make your heart beat in contact with uncluttered nature! Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia soars with powdery top notes of violet and watermelon. This second raw material gives it a more fruity and aquatic side. Then, its heart becomes more floral and opulent. With it, wild flowers light up with jasmine and orange blossoms. The whole is based on a luxurious and pure alliance of white musks and iris.

“To draw on nature , with respect, what it has most beautiful ”, such was the leitmotif of the perfumers Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk when they made the perfume Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia. Developed like a floral immensity, and composed like a bouquet of field flowers, Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia is an invitation to reverie and poetry. Rich in cheerfulness and smiles, he has no equal when it comes to evoking spring. So what is it made of? What is his purple Bee Flask hiding? Decryption of the composition of Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia by Guerlain.

Aquatic and floral top notes

With Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia, everything takes off in freshness and delicacy. Its top notes highlight a first field flower: violet. Widely used in perfumery, it is usually very feminine and unfolds in its wake a fruity and powdery appearance. Many also consider the violet to be a retro flower. Thus, with her, Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia is aimed at all generations. An excellent binder, violet gives Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia a certain floral sweetness. For more freshness, this raw material is accompanied by watermelon, with a more fruity and aquatic aspect.

The rounder and opulent heart of Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia

< p> Then, Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia becomes rounder and smoother in its heart. To do this, he relies on one of the most widely used flowers in perfumery: jasmine. If this raw material is so popular with perfumers, it is quite simply because it has an impressive olfactory richness. Sometimes floral, fruity or animal, jasmine can also become more powdery, crunchy and airy. Here, it lights up with orange blossom, a plant with a more sensual and feminine aura. Finally, it is also at this moment that many wild flowers appear. These are present absolutely everywhere, they are as charming as they are fascinating. So, how about picking a generous bouquet?

Guerlain relies on very luxurious base notes

Finally, to add an extra touch of nobility to wild flowers, Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia ends with one of the most luxurious raw materials in the perfumer’s entire palette: iris. A real olfactory treasure, this powdery flower is associated with a cloud of white musks. In opposition to animal musk, this ingredient develops behind notes of cleanliness and purity. It leaves an indisputable freshness on the skin.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia, a fragrance to personalize

Finally, note that Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Flora Salvaggia fragrance can be used with other essences from the Aqua Allegoria range, such as Bergamotte Calabria, Rosa Rossa, Granada Salvia or Flora Cherrysia. To do this, all you have to do is choose your scented duo and successively spray your two fragrances on your skin. This will give you a slightly fresher, zesty or floral scent.

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