Armani Code Armani Eau de Toilette

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Armani Code Armani Eau de Toilette is a 2004 Woody Amber Aromatic Spicy Cologne by Armani for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Antoine Lie Antoine Maisondieu . Top notes are Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Dihydromyrcenol, Anise. Middle notes are Cumin, Hedione. Base notes are Benzoin, Vanilla, Coumarin, White musks, Gaiac wood, Tonka bean, Cedar.

Armani Code Armani Eau de Toilette
Armani Code Armani Eau de Toilette


Armani Code Homme, your seduction ally

Simplicity of lines, sobriety of colors, comfort of materials and above all perfection of detail… This is what makes the success of the Armani house. In perfumery, the Armani house has the same requirements. The brand first oriental fragrance for men, “Armani Code Homme” created in 2004, astonishes, surprises and captivates again and again.

Armani Code Homme, mystery and seduction

“Armani Code Homme “is defined as a sensual scent for a man with a captivating gaze. “Armani Code Homme” begins with very fresh notes of lemon, a small citrus fruit from the south of France. A lively start reminiscent of colognes. Then, the heart evolves on olive tree flowers associated with Mediterranean aromatic notes as well as aniseed notes. “Armani Code Homme” then blends into the warmth of guaiac wood and tonka bean. Very sensual and smoky, the whole is adorned with an elegant mystery. With “Armani Code Homme”, the man wants to be elegant and virile. He forms with “Armani Code Femme”, the couple of perfect seduction, according to Gorgio Armani. Since its release, “Armani Code Homme” has been number 2 in sales in the United States, and ranks in the top 10 fragrances sold in Europe.

Armani Code Homme, a bottle in the image of the Oscar outfit

Modern and elegant, the bottle is designed to match the composition of “Armani Code Homme”. The bottle is here entirely inspired by the color of the night and the famous tuxedo from the house of Armani, created for the Hollywood Oscars ceremony. The bottle is slender and chic. The cabochon is mat, in order to obtain a contrast, as in this very particular composition, which reveals a rich and sensual accord where fresh and spicy notes contrast. Everything here evokes the absolute code of magnificence. The power of the Armani man is bewitching, at its peak. For Gorgio Armani, seduction is an art and he reveals all his secrets to you here. “Armani Code Homme” is your new seduction ally.

An oriental-spicy and fresh fragrance that overturns the codes of masculine sensuality is “Armani Code Homme”. Like Armani creations, “Armani Code Homme” is a quality fragrance. The Armani man is an elegant man, certainly, but sophisticated and very comfortable with seduction. An Italian weapon that Gorgio Armani handles wonderfully… The ingredients of this composition include mystery and warmth. A masculine beauty that Armani loves to sublimate, to the delight of these ladies!

Between elegance and sobriety, the Armani brand has established itself as a safe bet. “Armani Code Male” was created in 2004 and immediately captivated men. Here, the quality, the values ​​of the Armani brand are mingled with the charisma of the man. “Armani Code Homme” is the essence of attractive, charismatic men, but also resolutely modern men. “Armani Code Homme” is defined as an oriental, fresh and spicy or Armani gives us a different version of male seduction.

The duo of perfumers who created Armani Code Homme

Giorgio Armani entrusted the realization of this sensual juice to a duo of perfumers, namely Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu. The first was born in Alsace and very early on became interested in the world of scents. Antoine Lie is a perfumer and a man of contrasts. Brut de décoffrage, he creates daring fragrances where he mixes the ingredients in a unique way. We owe him great perfumes like “Violet Blonde” by Tom Ford or “Guess Night” by Guess. Antoine Maisondieu was born in Grasse. Grandson of Albert Camus, he is also the last of a long line of perfumers. He started his career at the Givaudan company. Antoine Maisondieu is considered a perfumer with a great artistic sense. He loves to create, innovate, imagine… We owe Antoine Maisondieu some very beautiful fragrances such as “Valentino Donna” by Valentino or “Féérie” by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels.

Mediterranean ingredients

< p> Giorgio Armani sought his inspiration on the shores of the Mediterranean. Between the olive tree, anise or even herbs, the majority of the ingredients present in “Armani Code Homme” come from Mediterranean sweetness. “Armani Code homme” is a delicate, almost intimate fragrance that is revealed little by little. To do this, its composition will play on contrasts, but also on a revisited fern accord. “Armani Code Homme” gets off to an invigorating start thanks to the presence of lemon, which could make one think of the old Eau de Cologne pour Homme. In the heart, the olive blossom echoes the Latin origins of Giorgio Armani. The olive blossom is quickly joined by aromatics and star anise. The base is ultra manly with a woody and smoky trail, because it combines tonka bean, guaiac, a tobacco accord and smoky tones. Modern, elegant and ultra contemporary, the bottle is designed to match the composition.

“Armani Code Homme” is an ultra masculine essence intended for today’s men. Elegant and sensual, the fragrance takes up the main codes of the Armani house values. It is based on delicate olfactory contrasts and a revisited fern accord. The rendering is resolutely ultra modern.

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