Armani Si Nacre Armani Eau de Parfum

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Armani Si Nacre Armani Eau de Parfum is a 2017 Chyprée Floral Fruity Perfume by Armani for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel . Top notes are Mandarin, Freesia, Bergamot, Cassis. Middle notes are Osmanthus, Jasmine, Pink, Neroli. Base notes are Orcanox, Castoreum, Vanilla, Patchouli.

Armani Si Nacre Armani Eau de Parfum
Armani Si Nacre Armani Eau de Parfum


Limited edition Armani Si Nacré

This fragrance, both gourmet and chypre, was a blend of chic and refinement. Immediately, it aroused the enthusiasm of the female public and became one of the bestsellers of the brand. As if to highlight the splendor of femininity, this time Armani has decided to reinterpret its fragrance in a new Pearly Limited Edition.

The unchanged fragrance of Si d’Armani

Since its creation , the Si d’Armani perfume has undergone many metamorphoses. Indeed, it is considered one of the greatest essences of the Italian brand and that is why Armani takes pleasure in revisiting it. Si d’Armani has thus become Si Intense, Si Eau de Toilette, Si Rose Signature or even Si Le Parfum. However, this time, the Italian brand simply wanted to change its visual. Its fragrance has remained unchanged and it is still the chypre and gourmet juice developed by Christine Nagel in 2013. This chic and voluptuous essence opens with a biting freshness of blackcurrant buds. These racy and unique ingredients are nevertheless softened by a more sensual vanilla. The heart of Si Pearly Limited Edition becomes more feminine than ever. It combines two star flowers of perfumery: the May rose and the freesia. These floral notes vibrate on contact with an elegant patchouli. Everything is perfectly balanced and the structure of this perfume is absolutely perfect. Finally, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani ends with a more amber, mysterious and woody base, whose sensuality is further enhanced by the presence of musks.

The new bottle of Armani Si Limited Edition Pearl

You will understand, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani does not intend to surprise us with its smell but rather with its visual. His bottle has been transformed somewhat. It remains faithful to the Armani style and respects the architectural and refined silhouette of its predecessors. It reveals to us a natural and authentic elegance in perfect harmony with the image we have of the Armani woman. Its seat is neither really square, nor really round. It forms a sort of very elegant rectangle, stretching towards the sky with tapered contours. Its very geometric shape is in opposition to a more whimsical hood. Likewise, the colors chosen by Armani form a powerful contrast. This time, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée illuminates its base with a sparkling pink color with multiple pearly reflections. Adorned with golden letters, this new essence shines with a thousand lights and becomes all the more bewitching. Si Limited Edition Nacrée is surmounted by an opaque black cabochon identical to that of its predecessors. The message is clear: “If is a change, If is a choice, If it’s me”.

The pearly limited edition of the Si perfume by Giorgio Armani

Sì is my homage to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength, and a spirit of independence.

Architectural and sober, its seat elegantly propels its tapered contours and its cover with multiple inspirations.

Adorned with its pearly dress, the fragrance becomes sensual, incomparable, carnal.
Si is a reinvented cyprus that lingers on the skin and captivates the senses. Blackcurrant nectar goes well with May rose and musky blond wood.

Si d’Armani wears a veil of light in a Pearly Limited Edition

The Si d’Armani perfume saw the light of day in 2013 and was quickly described by the brand as “a tribute to modern femininity and an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence”. This chypre and gourmet fragrance immediately conquered the hearts of women and this is how Armani decided to transform it on several occasions. Si d’Armani then became Si Intense in 2014, Si Eau de Toilette in 2015 as well as Si Rose Signature and Si Le Parfum in 2016. Today, Armani is not offering us a reinterpretation of its scent, but rather a metamorphosis of her look. Focus on Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani.

Armani shines the spotlight on women with its perfume

With this new Pearly Limited Edition, Armani wanted to pay tribute to the luminosity and to the natural influence of women. He thus gives us the image of a charismatic and sophisticated femininity, more chic and resplendent than ever. Like women, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée by Armani has a natural elegance and embodies the image we have of Italian chic. It gives us more emotion and seems designed to leave no one indifferent. Her sparkling dress reveals an incredible sensuality. If Armani’s Pearly Limited Edition is a more elegant fragrance than ever. Halfway between being and appearing, he imposes a new vision of the Armani world.

The very contrasting bottle of Si d’Armani

On the bottle side, Si Limited Edition Nacrée remained faithful to the style of the Italian brand. It takes the form of its predecessor but envelops its fragrance in a resplendent pearly pink hue. The whole of this work is both refined and structured while leaving no detail to chance. Very elegant, this bottle also plays on contrasts. It rests on a rectangular seat which propels its tapered contours with elegance. In opposition to this very geometric shape, its bottle is more asymmetrical. Its fantasy contrasts with the rigor of its base. Likewise, its black color contrasts with its pearly pink hue. The whole is nevertheless connected by two golden rings which seal these two universes together.

The greedy and elegant scent of Si Edition Limitée Nacrée

If the visual of Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani has been reworked, its fragrance, on the other hand, has remained essentially the same as that of its predecessor . The result is a voluptuous, tender and intense fragrance at the same time. Designed by Christine Nagel, Si d’Armani is a chic essence that reinvents the family of chypre fragrances. Si d’Armani begins with the biting and singular freshness of blackcurrant buds. Associated with vanilla, they immediately become more sensual. May rose and freesia sublimate its heart with floral notes and vibrate in contact with a perfectly balanced patchouli. The whole is based on a more amber and woody background associated with more seductive musks.

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