Armani Si Passione Armani Eau de Parfum

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Armani Si Passione Armani Eau de Parfum is a 2017 Floral Fruity Perfume by Armani for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Pink Pepper, Pear, Cassis. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Heliotrope. Base notes are Cedar, Vanilla.

Armani Si Passione Armani Eau de Parfum
Armani Si Passione Armani Eau de Parfum


The latest opus of Si perfumes: Armani Si Passione

Bright, charismatic and sophisticated juice, Si d’Armani perfectly embodies all the chic of this great house of creation. It is a symbol of Italian elegance ,“ a tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence. Today, it comes in a new, more seductive and sensual version: Si Passione.

Cate Blanchett plays us the role of a more seductive femme fatale

Since 2013, the beautiful Cate Blanchett has never ceased to amaze us with numerous role-playing games in advertisements for the Armani brand. Indeed, she has been the face of Si d’Armani perfume since that date and it seems that it is still her who will lend her image to the new Si Passione. For the occasion, the beautiful Australian intends to emphasize her innate charisma and her natural sensuality. Cate Blanchett does not miss an opportunity to say how this partnership with Armani fits with her ambitions. “If I look at my collaboration with Mr. Armani,” she said, “it’s old now, it’s solid. She is part of a game that I can orchestrate with my image. With him, there is elegance, sophistication, but there is also curiosity, an insatiable desire to experiment ”. This time,

Armani is betting on red, the color of passion

Now, what more beautiful symbol of passion than the color red? Si Passione is revealed in a lacquered bottle in this fascinating shade. Recalling the color of a classic lipstick, this bottle becomes a symbol of all prohibitions. If Passione seems to be the scent of danger, attraction, sensuality and love. It is not made to go unnoticed, and is a real call to say “yes” and to dare to assert yourself.

Si Passione, a new sensual and luminous fragrance

Si Passione gives a new dimension to this olfactory saga. It is an intense fragrance made for a woman full of self-confidence. This luminous and seductive juice is a symbol of strength and power. His ardor and vigor emerge from his first breath. Si Passione takes off on a trio of pink pepper, pear and blackcurrant. Her heart, meanwhile, relies more on femininity. A romantic breath emerges from a blend of roses, jasmine and heliotrope. This huge floral bouquet is wrapped in a sweeter vanilla. Finally, this fiery warmth rests on a woody base of cedar. This perfume is presented to us in three different capacities of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

Armani and its founder Giorgio Armani do not cease to give thanks to women or rather to LA Women. With Si, an ode to women and their many faces, Armani offered this woman he loves so much a juice as delicate as it is powerful, as greedy as it is passionate. First composed by Christine Nagel, the history of Si was perpetuated thanks to the young and sparkling Julie Massé who knew how to perfectly draw the many facets of women in magnificent variations. If Passione, a new opus in the range, can therefore only hold our attention …

Si Passione, the wife of Giorgio Armani and his grandiose loves

“Si alla vita, si alle emozione, si alla legerezza …” These words whispered by Cate Blanchett resonate in us like an ultimate act of freedom, like a necessary gain of independence evoked all in delicacy and in contrast by the composition of Catherine Nagel for Si, the very first opus of the range initiated in 2013.

Yet the multi-talented perfumer has given way to Julie Massé, a young, sparkling and joyful designer, to go to more skies. Hermes. Whatever! Julie Massé will compose magnificent bottles at Si which will be able to give thanks to each facet that Catherine Nagel will have drawn in dotted lines previously to make them unique and unpublished. Because Si is a source of multiple inspirations where each chord can give birth to new ones.

Thus the new opus released in 2018, Si Passione, will be, like its alter egos, in the right lineage of the original 2013 bottle while exhaling new notes that will perfectly complement the backbone of this ode to woman by making it an ode to love.

“Red like passion. Symbol of energy, adrenaline, femininity, courage: a mix of intense emotions with a strong and recognizable character that represents the new fragrance from the Si family of Giorgio Armani. “& Nbsp; Julie Massé for Si Passione by Giorgio Armani, Grazia.

Between intense freshness, delicate flowers and vanilla, Si Passione takes us into a world of absolute femininity

In order to offer La Femme de Si Passione a juice as sparkling and overwhelming as love at first sight, Julie Massé has added spicy accords to the original blackcurrant start of Si which replace the flowery accords. The pink berries will therefore make a remarkable entry into this Si Passione like love at first sight to the heart.

It will also add to the heart of Si Passione an additional touch of sensuality thanks to an enveloping and powerful heliotrope flower. which will contrast with the flowery luminosity of jasmine and rose.

“The Passion linked to the touch of adrenaline is declined according to the canons of femininity, the main subject of this complex story captures the senses. This is why the heart of this fragrance (Si Passione) could not be floral like all the other previous creations. “Julie Massé for Si Passione Giorgio Armani, Grazia.

Finally for SI Passione the pretty vanilla remains in depth, but will marry a nervous and spicy cedar wood to once again highlight the crazy energy carried by the woman transcended by a new love.

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