Arsalan Parfum

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Arsalan Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Cambodian oud, Trat oud, jasmin sambac, champaca, olibanum, turmeric, clove, caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, gardenia, opoponax, saffron, sandalwood, patchouli, musk


The Persian legend of Arsalan is a story of a royal heir who rediscovers his hidden heritage and decides to reclaim his throne. And as would befit a fragrance based on hidden power, Arsalan is a gorgeous and richly textured floral spice scent that feels warm, lush, and romantic, but also reveals an intensely potent blend of some of the finest Southeast Asian ouds available. Beneath a bright, alluring bouquet of luscious, smooth champaca and jasmine, an intense and carnal rush of Cambodian oud and Thai Trat oud displays a multifaceted profile of sweet, warm, sensual oud tones. A bright, sparkling olibanum incense plays off of an exotic spice blend, uplifting and giving sophisticated complexity. Arsalan the prince needed a long journey before he was able to reveal his nobility, but Arsalan the fragrance is undeniably, wonderfully regal.

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