Bengale Rouge Eau de Parfum

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Bengale Rouge Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Papillon Artisan Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Turkish rose, orris, sandalwood, sweet myrrh (opoponax), oakmoss, honey, vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, labdanum

Bengale Rouge Eau de Parfum
Bengale Rouge Eau de Parfum


Inspired by the stunning, tiger-like dappling of shade and light on the fur of her Bengal cat Mimi, Liz Moore’s latest creation is a soft, cozily-spiced oriental that’s as sensuous as a cat in full stretch. Miles away from the overt sexuality of Salome, Bengale Rouge’s only hint of the animalic is the honeyed, fuzzy glow of the resins, which give the perfume a sensual warmth that’s more kitten than tiger.
Bengale Rouge dips a soft, attar-like rose and sandalwood into a doughy, rooty iris and wraps it all up in a halo of headily-spiced resins. It’s simply gorgeous. With its benzoin-rich vanilla swirled with caramelized labdanum, clove-scented opoponax, and the citrusy brightness of a Turkish rose, Bengale Rouge at first appears to take up the glittering mantle of the great orientals of the past, such as Shalimar and Opium. However, we are steered away from the powdered classicism of these perfumes by the clever addition by the perfumer of a dollop of edible vanilla that lends the scent a modern gourmand vibe that will have you wanting to lick your own skin. The vanilla gourmand aspect doesn’t dominate; but neither does the dry and spicy resin facet ? they dance and intertwine like perfect halves of one whole for a golden, opulent effect that perfectly mimics the interplay of light and dark on Mimi’s fur coat. It’s a total love from us. What We Think A ravishing blend of warm, powdery gourmand and gently animalic notes to delight and seduce in equal measure.

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