Black XS Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne

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Black XS Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne is a 2005 Woody Fruity Cologne by Paco Rabanne for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Lemon, Clary sage. Middle notes are Cardamom, Strawberry. Base notes are Cinnamon, Amber woods, Patchouli, Praline, Tolu balm.

Black XS Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne
Black XS Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne


Black XS for him, the perfume of men Paco Rabanne

In other words, each of them comes in a female and male version and takes us into a universe in its own right. This trend was initiated by the creation of Black XS juices for him and for her. Once is not customary, let’s first look at its male version which was developed in 2005.

The rock ‘n’ roll universe of Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is able to lead us into a world that is both very elegant but also full of daring and completely crazy. Also, it is logically that he turned to the rock ‘n’ roll universe when he created the duo Black XS. This gives us the image of a man transcended by musical vibrations. Just imagine: “A concert hall plunged into darkness. The tension is at the maximum. The audience holds their breath. In these walls where stage monsters have played the best notes of electro-shock music, young authors are preparing to bounce back their story with a writing that multiplies the energy of the hits of the past. Black XS for Him is akin to writing the career of a new rock legend. He displays an intense virility charged with emotions. It is therefore suitable for sensual, chic and rebellious men. Its scent is in their image: passionate, vibrant and similar to drunkenness. Also, if we are to believe the sales achieved by this perfume, it is clear that Black XS pour Lui has brilliantly made its debut!

Black XS’s rebellious virility for him

When Olivier Cresp wrote the recipe for Black XS for Him, he confides that he thought of it as the elaboration of a rock score. He wanted his juice to be generous, inflamed and addicting. Thus, like the first notes of a concert, Black XS pour Lui is instantly electrified by the freshness of Calabrian lemon associated with kalamanzi, a kind of little lemon with a smell that is halfway between that of Calabria. bitter orange and lime from the Philippines. Then, the whole evolves little by little towards more aromatic notes. Black XS pour Lui mixes sage and marigold. His heart is set ablaze with spices and he thus gains in impertinence. Cardamom and cinnamon dominate the whole while being coated with Tolu balm as well as a particularly gourmet praline note. Since then, Black XS for Him becomes totally addicting. It ends with a more woody and sensual trail sewn with rosewood, ebony, patchouli and black amber. On the aesthetic side, it is like a rocker. It comes in a bottle similar to a lighter and entirely lacquered in black. Fine grooves underline its graphic and masculine look. It’s a bit as if Black XS pour Lui had put on its finest leather suit for us.

Of course, the perfume house Paco Rabanne has been able to offer, since its beginnings in 1969 with Calandre, beautiful fragrances for both men and women. But it is with its perfumed pair Black XS for Women and Black XS for Men that the house will finally have its bestseller perfume. As excessive as the master of haute-couture, deliciously original and a bit innovative, Black XS pour Homme designed by the great Olivier Cresp, like his feminine alter ego , clashes on the shelves! & nbsp; & nbsp;

Black XS For him or Olivier Cresp’s gourmet revolution for Paco Rabanne perfumes

Paco Rabanne perfumes, although composed with care and quality, were finally to have the success they deserve. By offering the little Black XS olfactory revolution, Paco Rabanne not only found his bestselling fragrance but also a multitude of new olfactory and commercial concepts.

Regarding the olfactory field, Black XS pour Homme was composed by Olivier Cresp in a totally original way. Indeed, let us not forget that this brilliant perfumer was at the head of the most immense success of perfumery of the 90s, Angel, the very first gourmet perfume in history. Although refusing to want to recreate Angels in his other compositions, Olivier Cresp is a lover of gluttony and will go further by offering it to men in Light Blue then in Black XS.

However, Black XS does not seek to imitate another perfume and its gourmet scents will above all serve to highlight its wild dynamism and its sensual depth to the extreme. Black XS is the perfume of a rebellious and virile man who is not afraid to assert his sensitivity with notes hitherto rare in male perfumery.

The aromatic, fruity and fragrant vibrations sensuality of a totally rebellious Black XS

As we have already noticed, Olivier Cresp has sought above all with Black XS to innovate by offering previously unseen accords for a male perfume. However, some will argue that Black XS is reminiscent of the beautiful fruity accords of Light Blue by Dolce & amp; Gabbana created by the same perfumer in 2001. However, the resemblance ends there because the man from Black XS is a rocker, & nbsp; not a Mediterranean seducer!

Black XS pour Lui is therefore built on a system of shock waves and tremors (musical and olfactory) which with each note reveals a little more the power of the juice. First of all, the aromatic and tangy notes send us their dynamic notes like a guitar riff. The praline, cinnamon and tolu balm soften the music as the black cardamom and green apple-strawberry accords arrive at full speed, to better surprise us. The guitar of the Black XS man will become more seductive and seductive by letting himself be carried away on a romantic but above all very sensual ride of black amber and patchouli …

“Uncompromising oriental woody. Fresh, raw energy. Lemon and Kalamanzi. Sensuality, radiant. Spicy praline on overdosed patchouli. Radical charm. »Paco Rabanne for Black XS

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