Bluebijou Eau de Parfum

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Bluebijou Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Piotr Czarnecki. The notes of this fragrance are Violet, blueberry, cacao, truffle, tobacco, dark chocolate, cognac, oud, cashmeran, musk, amber

Bluebijou Eau de Parfum
Bluebijou Eau de Parfum


For far too long, “blue” has been used to describe the most generic of fragrances- blandly masculine, synthetically aquatic, outright boring. But blue is so much more interesting than that- a blue scent should be hypnotically deep, harmoniously balanced, compellingly full of life. Enter Bluebijou, a unique, vibrant, unrestrained reinterpretation of the blue scent. Instead of scratchy, synthetic freshness, Bluebijou delivers juicy, sumptuous blueberry, bright violet, rich cocoa, and unmistakable truffle, all atop an impossibly deep base of dark oud and deeply boozy cognac. It’s sweet, smooth, juicy and magical- and you’ll never look at an underwhelming “blue” department store scent the same.

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Specification: Bluebijou Eau de Parfum


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