Boss Bottled Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

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Boss Bottled Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette is a 1998 Oriental Fougere Fruity New Freshness Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo . Top notes are Lavender, Bergamot, Pink berries, Dihydromyrcenol. Middle notes are Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Apple, Cardamom, Cloves, Geranium. Base notes are Vetiver, Vanilla, Coumarin, Cedar.

Boss Bottled Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette
Boss Bottled Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette


Boss Bottled: The Scent of the New Millennium Man

Like a modern and innovative breath, it penetrates the skin of accomplished and proud men, conquerors with tender hearts. An image carefully crafted for a fragrance aimed at young dynamic executives heading with pleasure in the new millennium …

Would the Man from “Boss Bottled” be the ideal man?

Yes . Whether through the haute-couture label Hugo Boss or through this seductive “Boss Bottled” perfume, the Hugo Boss man makes women dream and adopts all men in his penetrating and terribly addictive wake.

From visuals to commercials, the “Boss Bottled” man wants to be devilishly charming and elegant, dynamic and enterprising while leaving aside the exacerbated virility of the macho for a delicate and touching virility. The male muses chosen for “Boss Bottled” will not deviate from this rule: Ryan Reynolds, Olivier Giroud then Gérard Butler discreetly affirms the charm and masculine elegance while propagating the sensual wave of a tender man. Gérard Butler, famous actor ambassador of “Boss Bottled” declares his love for the brand by affirming: “I have always admired this aspect both classic and modern of the brand which I try to infuse into my own style. Boss Bottled truly expresses that essence of natural sophistication that all men can easily incorporate into their daily lives. “

Because let’s not forget,“ Boss Bottled ”is a scent of success but not necessarily of a careerist, the“ Boss Bottled ”Man is above all an everyday conqueror who works and takes the time like Gérard Butler of… watch the sun rise over New York!

“Boss Bottled” a scent of success, modernity and… delicacy?

As soon as it was released in 1998, “Boss Bottled ”Highlights the exceptional expertise of the house in Hugo Boss perfumery, both for its aesthetic appearance and for its balanced and original fragrance.

The sense of aesthetics and the love of racy elegance is of course the sober and delicate beauty of the “Boss Bottled” bottle. Cut like a Hugo Boss costume, the juice bottle plays with a smooth and contoured appearance to reveal transparencies literally offering the fragrance to the wearer. Because “Boss Bottled” wants to be unique to each man, wants to transform in contact with each skin. “Boss Bottled” is for the leader of perfumes Hugo Boss Will Andrews, “A very good example of the perfect balance between personality and resistance: it matches the style of the wearer while keeping its unique signature. “.

Thus the freshness of top notes of bergamot and lavender fuse into a delicately spiced accord of pink berries to open the heart of the perfume towards surprising and powerful notes, totally innovative for a masculine scent. Indeed the surprise of “Boss Bottled” lies in the presence of fruity notes of apple mixed with a cocktail of sweet spices and scented with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. This does not prevent reassurance with a few touches of geranium and base notes of coumarin, vetiver and cedar, surprisingly punctuated by a gourmet and exotic touch of vanilla.

“Boss Bottled remains true to the belief that success comes with the man who leads his life with confidence.” To see the success of the perfume which remains a timeless one of the male perfumery, “Boss Bottled” knew how to speak to the hearts of the men and the noses of the women who choose them!

Released in 1998, “ Boss Bottled ”is synonymous with masculine elegance par excellence. Embodying both class and manhood, the “Boss Bottled” fragrance is the biggest success of the Hugo Boss house. “Boss Bottled” is the fragrance of a dynamic businessman who combines modernity and charisma. “Boss Bottled” accompanied by its ultra contemporary bottle is definitely the scent of today’s men. Considered a hot sensual fragrance, “Boss Bottled” is a masterpiece signed by Annick Ménardo.

Annick Ménardo at the controls of the sensual bottle

Born in Cannes, Annick Ménardo was destined for a career as a psychiatrist. After studying medicine, chemistry and biochemistry, Annick Ménardo joined the very famous school of perfumery, ISIPCA. It was in 1991 that she was hired at Firmenich, where she still works. With a contemporary style, Annick Ménardo offers passionate compositions. Discreet woman, Annick Ménardo is one of the most talented perfumers of her generation and has already worked for the greatest. Indeed, to Annick Ménardo, we owe great perfumes such as “Sweet” by Lolita Lempicka, “Hypnose” by Lancôme or even “Hypnotic Poison” by Dior.

Boss Bottled, when freshness meets freshness. elegance

With the composition of “Boss Bottled”, the Hugo Boss brand wanted to offer the image of an ideal man. Charismatic and ultra modern, the “Boss Bottled” is then perceived as the new male seduction ally … “Boss Bottled” begins with multiple top notes, both sweet, citrusy and fruity, and combines plum, apple, bergamot and lemon. The heart of “Boss Bottled” is also very complex and powerful, as it oscillates between woody tones with oakmoss, floral tones with carnation and spicy tones with cinnamon. Carnation is native to the Mediterranean coasts. Its use in perfumery dates back a very long time since the Romans made carnation wreaths for the powerful scents that these flowers gave off. The carnation symbolizes passion and romance. Carnation absolute is obtained by processing the flowers, but the process is very expensive, which is why it is often replaced by chemical molecules. Carnation offers floral tones, but also spicy and pink. Warm and sensual, the base associates sandalwood, amber, cedar and vanilla, giving the whole a final touch of virility. The bottle of “Boss Bottled” is not indifferent to the success of the fragrance, which resolutely belongs to the men of the 21st century.

An ultra masculine composition! Between virility and seduction, “Boss Bottled” is the essence of active and modern men. Its complex composition combines different tones for a very charismatic rendering.

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