Boss The Scent Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

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Boss The Scent Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette is a 2015 Woody Fruity Aquatic New Freshness Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Bruno Jovanovic . Top notes are Mandarin, Bergamot, Ginger, Dihydromyrcenol. Middle notes are Lavender, Apple, Marine note, Exotic fruits. Base notes are Amber woods, Coumarin, Vanillin.

Boss The Scent Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette
Boss The Scent Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette


The Scent, the Boss men’s fragrance

This one is presented as being “the most luxurious and the most seductive fragrance of Hugo Boss perfumes”. So, how about taking a closer look at this wildly addictive essence to which many men have already succumbed?

Hugo Boss’s new masculinity

Boss The Scent reveals a new facet of man. This time, it appears more seductive than ever. However, he is more mature than before and pays real attention to his partner. On the occasion of this olfactory release, the Hugo Boss house seems to have seen things differently, gradually evolving, like a game of seduction tinged with expectations and anticipation. Boss The Scent is a fragrance for men. Nevertheless, it seems to be directly inspired by the desires deepest in the hearts of women. As such, he is endowed with a real presence and a unique power of seduction. He is like a man who understood that sometimes it is better to whisper the right words than to shout sentences without impact. So if the The iconic Boss Bottled rather emphasized professional success, this time it is a question of accomplishment on a personal level. Boss The Scent portrays us the image of a man in full possession of his means, displaying with pride and ease his natural charisma. More than ever, Hugo Boss brings us into the territory of emotion.

The nuanced scent of Boss The Scent

Boss The Scent is a juice that we owe to two perfumers, namely Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin. Together, they have chosen to work on a woody and fruity juice. To do this, they showed a profound daring and used an ingredient from South Africa and used for the very first time in perfumery: the aphrodisiac fruit of maninka, an ingredient whose flavor is similar to the fruit of passion and rum. Boss The Scent thus unveils intoxicating scents associated with a deeper base. It is built on an intense and persistent leather trail. What’s more, its magnetism is further complemented by the spicy, lively and aphrodisiac facet of ginger. Everything is then enclosed in a bottle similar to a glass cage surrounded by silver metal. Boss The Scent is a precious juice revealing to us in its transparency its amber juice similar to molten gold. Undeniably, this is a particularly refined fragrance, both powerful and subtle but which should not leave you indifferent.

Hugo Boss men’s fragrances like to tell us the story of a man who has succeeded in everything, especially from a professional point of view. With Boss The Scent, the 90s perfume house is no longer aimed at the business man elegantly dressed in his Hugo Boss suit but quite simply at an assertive man who loves more than anything to seduce, and if possible the woman of his dreams with luxurious and rare scents that make him a man, and a perfume, totally apart …

Boss The Scent or the elixir of male seduction composed by Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin < / h2>

Boss Bottled, Hugo Just Different and the other masculine wonders of the house are fresh scents, often ferns but aimed more at a man sure of himself and his professional powers than a man who seduces . Over the years, male ambitions are as professional as they are sentimental and Hugo Boss has been able to adjust the content of his perfumery to these now multiple male dreams.

Because Boss The Scent is not the perfume of a business man who succeeds in everything he undertakes, he is the perfume of a seducer, of a man who charms and encloses all the most beautiful women in his perfumed net of the ultimate aphrodisiac. The two perfumers who created Boss The Scent, Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin, sought to bring together all the most charming and luxurious scents to make this perfume an ultimate elixir of love that exudes so much virility through leathery notes or alcoholic powers than the mystery of woody scents. The Boss The Scent man is a real charm, but doesn’t let himself be tamed as easily as it seems!

“The new fragrance for men evokes a story of powerful seduction. Irresistible, captivating and unforgettable. “Hugo Boss for Boss The Scent.

Boss The Scent or the perfumed paradise of luxurious raw materials and aphrodisiacs

The two perfumers chosen to execute the precious composition of Boss The Scent n ‘ were hardly selected at random by Hugo Boss, quite the contrary! In addition to their obvious talents, Pascal Gaurin like Bruno Jovanovic had all the qualities required to make this Boss The Scent the great male aphrodisiac juice of the house.

Pascal Gaurin likes to use the most luxurious materials and the rarest. We could easily attribute to him the presence in Boss The Scent of the pretty maninka fruit, a rare aphrodisiac from South America, a mixture of scents between passion fruit and notes of rum, a delight! As for Bruno Jovanovic, his first olfactory memories are linked to his holidays in the very wooded region of Creuse. In fact, he excels in the art of combining woody and mysterious scents, between earth, wood and humus. He is most likely responsible for the beauty of Boss the Scent’s intense depths, switching between amber woods, sugary vanillin and animal coumarin.

In addition to the fields of predilection of the two creators of Boss The Scent, the fragrance also plays on a citrus and fruity freshness which then coils up in its famous precious aphrodisiac and burning notes . The marriage of hot and cold surprises but endlessly charms us. The scent trap is perfect …

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