Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2018 Eau de Toilette

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Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2018 Eau de Toilette is a 2018 Citrus Aromatic Cologne by Calvin klein for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Lemon, Mojito, Limoncello. Middle notes are Guava, Pineapple, White flowers. Base notes are Cedar, Coconut.

Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2018 Eau de Toilette
Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2018 Eau de Toilette


The summer 2018 version of the perfume Ck One by Calvin Klein

Since 2004, every summer, it has been transformed into a limited summer edition. While the beautiful days are not yet here, Calvin Klein has already decided to lift the veil on its new creation for 2018. CK One Summer 2018 is presented as a warm and exotic juice, contained in a bluish bottle. , decorated by Raf Simons and Connor Franta.

The choice of blue color for CK One Summer 2018

If there’s one thing that jumps out at the sight of the new CK One Summer 2018 , it’s its dazzling blue color. Indeed, unlike its predecessors which mixed several different shades, CK One Summer 2018 is fully lacquered in a uniform color, reminiscent of the azure blue of the summer sky. It must be said that the choice of this shade was not made at random. Blue is the favorite color of westerners. It is synonymous with freedom, appeasement and serenity. With him, CK One Summer 2018 intends to win the hearts of men and women around the world. Note also that this is the color of water, the source of all life. In that sense, CK One Summer 2018 would almost sound like a blessed antidote.

A collaboration with Connor Franta and Raf Simons for Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2018 still offers a little eccentricity . It comes with a plate of self-adhesive labels. These contain photographs taken by Connor Franta, an American YouTuber, and logos drawn by designer Raf Simons. Thus, Calvin Klein leaves it to its customers to express themselves and personalize the surface of their bottle themselves. Now is the time for creativity and everyone can have the bottle corresponding to their own personality.

The exotic scent composition of CK One Summer 2018

More than ever, CK One Summer 2018 is a scent loaded with exoticism. He is a real call to travel and seems to have put his luggage on a beach on the other side of the world. Thus, its festive smell begins with the perfumed breath of one of the most famous cocktails of the summer: the mojito. You will have understood it, it is a question of freshness with accents of lemon and lime. Then, the heart of CK One Summer 2018 is enriched with a bouquet of white flowers refreshed with pineapple. The fruity flavor of CK One Summer 2018 is finally enveloped in an exotic coconut milk. Finally, it ends with a more woody base of cedar coming to structure the whole and give it more depth.

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