Diorissimo Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

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Diorissimo Christian Dior Eau de Parfum is a 1956 Floral Green Perfume by Christian Dior for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Edmond Roudnitska . Top notes are Bergamot, Green note, Rosewood. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Lily of the valley, Lilac. Base notes are Sandalwood, Civet.

Diorissimo Christian Dior Eau de Parfum
Diorissimo Christian Dior Eau de Parfum


The feminine fragrance Diorissimo by Dior

Combining elegance and refinement, its perfumes are timeless that we never tire of rediscovering. Designed to cross the ages, they reveal to us a solar, graceful and majestic femininity. Diorissimo has been part of the Dior catalog since 1956. Testimony of an era and an infinitely floral and romantic juice, it has come down to us without ever taking a wrinkle, for our greatest pleasure.

Diorissimo, a fragrance synonymous with appeasement

Diorissimo is an Eau de Toilette that first appeared in Paris in the 1950s. At that time, every Christian Dior collection was eagerly awaited. The creator multiplied some of the biggest magazines on the planet. Christian Dior was already perceived as a real star in his field. However, as if to escape this craze, he liked to be in his country house where he took pleasure in gardening. He then confided that spring was his favorite season. The arrival of lily of the valley was a real godsend for him that he would not have missed for the world. Christian Dior made lily of the valley “SA” flowers. Touching, frail and candid, she fascinated him with her infinity of bells. Each spring, she then revived in him an intact emotion. S ‘Inspired by this cottony and immaculate plant, Christian Dior decided to make a perfume of it. Embodying feminine grace and tenderness, Diorissimo made its appearance in 1956.

Diorissimo, a floral and luminous composition

Diorissimo is a scent similar to a lily of the valley soliflore. Therefore, this is its main ingredient. Completely against the tide of its time, Diorissimo relies on delicacy. However, in the 1950s, perfumers multiplied rather powerful notes. Diorissimo is the very embodiment of a return to nature. However, note that lily of the valley loses all its scent once distilled. Therefore, its natural smell must be completely recomposed in the laboratory. Diorissimo is therefore the testimony of all the know-how of the Dior house. Lily of the valley is sublimated here by an association of rose, lilac, jasmine, lily and ylang-ylang. Only a radiant spring scent remains in its wake. Sandalwood and rosewood reinforce the sensuality of the together. A few green leaves are also added here and there to amplify its freshness.

The timeless bottle of Diorissimo

Diorissimo is delivered to us in a timeless bottle. However, be aware that this is not its original bottle. Initially, Diorissimo was presented in a Baccarat crystal bottle, similar to a hand-carved amphora. It was decorated with pearls from which sprang a wreath of bronze spring flowers. This time, her style is softer but her signature is no less luxurious.

Very inspired by the intimate and personal world of Christian Dior, the Diorissimo perfume made its appearance in 1956 never to leave us again. As such, it is one of the oldest feminine compositions in women’s perfumery, to be still marketed today. Symbol of the 1950s, Diorissimo is aimed at women of all generations and comes in a classic and authentic bottle, perfectly anchored in the history of Dior. But what about his recipe? Atypical to say the least, Diorissimo is a tribute to Christian Dior’s favorite flower: lily of the valley.

Christian Dior’s love for lily of the valley

< p> To better understand the universe of this perfume, it is best to first know the history and passion of Christian Dior for gardening. Indeed, while he was particularly famous and hard at work, the couturier took pleasure in recharging his batteries in his garden. Displaying a double talent, he was just as gifted in the world of fashion as in his garden, in his country house in Milly-la-Forêt. However, each year, he took pleasure in seeing lily of the valley appear, one of the first flowers of spring. Frail, candid and graceful, according to him, she symbolized the image of an eternal and constantly renewed youth. However, it is precisely by being inspired by these immaculate bells that he designed the perfume Diorissimo. Yet, surprising as it may sound, lily of the valley is considered a mute flower. In other words, once distilled, it does not emit any odor. So, what is Diorissimo really made of?

The flowers contained in Diorissimo

Diorissimo by Dior is an excellent testimony to the technical know-how of the Dior house. Indeed, by the alliance of other raw materials, the perfumer Edmond Roudniska, nose in charge of the creation of Diorissimo, completely recomposed the smell of lily of the valley. For this, he bet on other flowers, and in particular on an alliance of rose, boronia and lilac. To that, he added a hint of more opulent jasmine, a spicy touch of lily and an exotic and luminous touch of ylang-ylang.

Diorissimo ends with a more woody base

From then on, all that was needed was to add a more woody touch of persistence to this fragrance. For a more sensual finish but just as enveloping, Diorissimo ends with a cottony sandalwood combined with a seductive rosewood. A few green leaves persist to preserve the freshness of the whole, thus giving Diorissimo an always spring effect. Elaborated as a soliflore, Diorissimo is quite simple in appearance. Yet it is the result of real technical prowess and it is in fact surprisingly complex. After all, isn’t that the secret to its longevity? As Christian Dior explains, it is “inspired by his lucky flower”, giving birth to “a line that is at the same time young, graceful and simple”. Diorissimo is a fresh, delicate and crystalline perfume, which has the gift of plunging us back with a simple breath to the air of a beautiful spring day.

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