Disobbedienza Eau de Parfum

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Disobbedienza Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hilde Soliani. The notes of this fragrance are black rose, ash, champagne

Disobbedienza Eau de Parfum
Disobbedienza Eau de Parfum


Disobedience does not have to be a bad thing. In the talented and unrestricted artistic imagination of a perfumer like Hilde Soliani, it represents risk-tasking, freedom, and creative liberation. Inspired by her time performing experimental theater, Disobbedienza is an olfactive tribute to blazing one’s own path in the face of stultifying conformity. There are notes chosen for their symbolism- a black, rare rose, both dark and romantic; smoky, mysterious ash to represent the phoenix-like cycle of destruction and rebirth; and, as befitting the Queen of Gourmand, a sweet and spicy opening with the tantalizing fizz of fine champagne. As with many of Hilde’s most distinctive and compelling offerings, Disobbedienza rejects easy categorization, and yet it’s as wonderfully easy to wear as any of her magical creations. Break away from conformity- lose yourself in the whimsical, bold, and iconoclastic world of Disobbedienza today.

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