Eau de cologne Gentleman Cologne Givenchy

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Eau de cologne Gentleman Cologne Givenchy is a 2019 Woody Aromatic Cologne by Givenchy for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Nathalie Lorson Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Bergamot, Lemon, Petitgrain. Middle notes are Iris, Vetiver, Rosemary. Base notes are Ambroxan, Musk.

Eau de cologne Gentleman Cologne Givenchy
Eau de cologne Gentleman Cologne Givenchy


Givenchy imagines its gentleman’s cologne

This is precisely what the last Gentleman Cologne of 2019 embodies. It is aimed at a contemporary and trendy man, while taking inspiration from the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. For the occasion, it is gained with a new aromatic freshness, enough to float a wind of lightness in your daily life!

The Gentleman collection, an institution signed Givenchy

Gentleman is a perfume that was initially born in 1975, expressing a very singular vision of masculinity, and a total break with the fragrances of its time. Infinitely powerful and couture, it blended patchouli with more aromatic flavors, while exuding a strong personality. Then in 2017 , Givenchy decided to reinvent this essence to address a new generation of men. This time it was about elegance and a more nuanced and subtle masculinity. Insurance then joined with delicacy, generously delivering a woody and floral scent. The success was instantaneous, so much so that the 2017 Gentleman became, a year later, an Eau de Parfum. His charm then turned out to be more devastating and magnetic. This composition played the card of exclusivity from its first notes, leading us into a more oriental sensuality. Today, in 2019, the atmosphere is quite different and Givenchy this time leaves more room for freshness. Halfway between the past and the present, his new fragrance is called Gentleman Cologne, echoing the

Gentleman Cologne, a new aromatic juice in a sleek white bottle

Designed by Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp, Gentleman Cologne is a particularly fresh fragrance, whose liveliness is expressed from the top notes. It sets off on a combination of bergamot, lemon and petitgrain. His heart, meanwhile, is infinitely refined. He relies on one of the noblest ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette: the iris. Its powdery scent gains in masculinity on contact with vetiver and is enriched with an aromatic facet by the presence of rosemary. Finally, all the sensuality of Gentleman Cologne is expressed more fully in its base by a duo of musk and ambroxan.

On the aesthetic side, Gentleman Cologne uses the codes of the previous Givenchy bottle. Both refined and relaxed, it is a sort of glass flask with clean lines. The weight of this bottle speaks volumes about its refinement. The black belt worn by the previous Givenchy Gentleman of 2017 has been metamorphosed into a more streamlined white label. In the same vein, the whole is surmounted by a cap in glossy white lacquer. Less contrasting, the new bottle of Gentleman Cologne displays a perfect harmony. It is soft, clean and sophisticated at the same time, the perfect embodiment of the gentleman of our time.

Gentleman Givenchy’s cologne and its composition

Gentleman was first born in 1975, surprising the world with his unique vision of masculinity. A complete break with the perfumes of his time, he mixed patchouli in an atypical way with aromatic notes. Then, in 2017, he revealed a new face to us, radically changing the scent compared to his elder brother. Gentleman de Givenchy then revealed more subtlety and displayed more nuance. He was the embodiment of delicate masculinity. Even today, Givenchy addresses a new man. As if to anticipate the arrival of sunny days and hot summer days, it is refreshed, while taking inspiration from the Eau de Cologne of yesteryear. Focus on the composition of the new Gentleman Cologne.

Gentleman Cologne, an essence inspired by the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear

As the name of this perfume suggests, Gentleman Cologne draws directly its source of inspiration in the Eau de Cologne of yesteryear. Indeed, for a long time, men only perfumed themselves with this type of fragrance. It had no perfume to speak of, as we know them today. Gentleman Cologne therefore takes us back to the heart of the history of perfumery and offers us a part of its heritage. The start of Gentleman Cologne therefore relies above all on freshness. Bergamot, a fruit from the cross between lemon and sour orange, initiates this composition. It is associated with the lively and sparkling freshness of lemon. Petitgrain is just as zesty, while being fresh, vegetal and floral. Finally, still evoking the Eaux de Cologne, Gentleman Cologne by Givenchy continues with an aromatic heart in which floats a Mediterranean breath of rosemary.

The woody and seductive elegance of Gentleman Cologne

< p> In addition to this freshness, Gentleman Cologne also relies on seduction to capsize your heart. So he drowns in a wake of musk and ambroxan. Animality is at its peak! The musk gives off a powerful and erotic breath. Ambroxan, on the other hand, surprises with its complexity. Very sensual, it is simultaneously amber, woody and musky. Its trail leaves here a velvety and seductive trace. All the masculinity of the gentleman of Givenchy is expressed in turn by the presence of vetiver. This wood, widely used in men’s perfumery, here gives more depth and relief to the whole. Finally, as if to further assert the refinement of Gentleman Cologne, Givenchy has incorporated one of the noblest ingredients from the perfumer’s entire palette: iris. This plant gives off a powdery breath here, a retro brown. Gentleman Cologne is a fresh and timeless fragrance that blends perfectly with all occasions and with men of all generations.

Everything is presented to us in a bottle surrounded by a white label and surmounted by a clean cap. Here again, purity is essential and says a lot about the liveliness contained in this case.

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