Eau de parfum Fahrenheit Parfum Christian Dior

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Eau de parfum Fahrenheit Parfum Christian Dior is a 2014 Oriental Leather Perfume by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy . Top notes are Violet. Middle notes are Leather. Base notes are Vanilla.

Eau de parfum Fahrenheit Parfum Christian Dior
Eau de parfum Fahrenheit Parfum Christian Dior


Fahrenheit Parfum, the intensity of a Dior fragrance

Possessing a molten bottle, this timeless juice plunges us into a dreamlike universe, not devoid of power and ardor. Today, it offers a new intensity and becomes Fahrenheit Parfum. So what about that incisive juice? Decryption of this mythical fragrance, reinvented with force and modernity.

Fahrenheit Parfum, the meeting of natural elements

Initially, in 1988, Dior Fahrenheit eau de toilette invited men to refocus on the natural elements, offering them in the process an initiatory journey to find more peace and serenity. It was then a question of all the elements at the same time: air, water, earth or fire. Once again, the latter seem to merge, as if to reconcile the extremes and create an explosion of flavors. Fahrenheit Parfum, like its predecessors, is aimed at an eternal traveler. With a simple breath, he takes us around the world in search of universal truth and greater plenitude. It evokes the creative force and the mysteries of an indomitable nature. The result is a perfect harmony of opposites, between strength and refinement.

The contrasting notes of Fahrenheit Parfum de Dior

Fahrenheit Parfum owes its existence to the official perfumer of Dior, François Demachy . Here, the creator chooses to orient himself towards a very aromatic and spicy register. Fahrenheit Parfum first combines many opposing elements. The zesty freshness of the lemon is counterbalanced by the incandescent heat of the pink berries. These two elements are linked together by an elegant lavender. Then, the violet leaves, central element of the collection, appear in its heart. Little by little, Fahrenheit Parfum warms up and expresses all its virility in a woody surge of vetiver, patchouli, birch, cedar and guaiac wood. Benzoin and amber amplify its sulfurous side, just like vanilla. Leather, meanwhile, lets float in its wake a more animal and seductive breath. Undeniably,

Fahrenheit’s Molten Flask

On the bottle side, Fahrenheit Parfum uses exactly the same codes as its predecessor. He thus affirms a return to the primary sources of the creation of Dior. Similar to a totem with rounded shapes, it expresses vigor and masculine strength. Likewise, the fusion of the elements is clearly evoked in its visual, in particular by its yellow, orange and red colors, similar to a setting sun. The result is a bottle of new energy and eternal vibration. Its vaporizer, on the other hand, only exists in a single 75 ml format.

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