Eau de toilette ck All Calvin Klein

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Eau de toilette ck All Calvin Klein is a 2017 Aromatic Aromatic Cologne by Calvin klein for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Mandarin. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Jasmine. Base notes are Amber.

Eau de toilette ck All Calvin Klein
Eau de toilette ck All Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein’s trio of iconic freshness

He invites you to be faithful to your convictions while advocating the mixing of genres. A true concentrate of freshness, it appears to be the third pillar of Calvin Klein, following on from the emblematic CK One and Ck Be.

Calvin Klein’s trio of iconic freshness

Calvin Klein has always been a brand synonymous with dynamism and aimed at a young and urban audience. Also, it is precisely this type of clientele that the brand addressed itself to when it created CK One in 1995. A true pioneer in the world of perfumery, this perfume was the first to endorse a mixed flavor to scale, blowing a real breath of fresh air in the heart of the new generations of the 90s. In the same vein, a year later, CK Be made its appearance. Like CK One, this one advocated the values ​​of universality and sharing. This duo of fragrances seemed to have abandoned all notion of age, race and gender. Rather, the idea was to celebrate the many similarities between the sexes. Also, as if to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his androgyny, Calvin Klein has decided to reinterpret its legendary essences in an innovative third pillar. CK All encourages people to act freely, to be more unpredictable than ever and to exist without giving a damn. With him, Calvin Klein intends to seduce the new generation, that of the little brothers and sisters of the iconic CK One and CK Be. So, let’s take a closer look at this daring bet …

The new CK All

Of course, CK All is not without evoking the name of its predecessors. This one was made in a bottle similar to that of its predecessors, both minimalist and refined, resolutely contemporary and mixed. If CK One was presented in a transparent case, CK Be, on the other hand, was entirely lacquered in black. Also, this time it is a white topping synonymous with purity that covered the new CK All. This unique fragrance is delivered in three different formats, namely 50, 100 or 200 ml. It’s up to you to decide if you are already totally addicted to this new fragrance… It begins with a real breath of citrus-based freshness. This citrus bouquet is more predominantly dominated by mandarin, an ingredient already omnipresent in the top notes of CK Be. Its sparkling and tangy flight is then relayed by a more floral heart based on citrus flowers and paradisone, a molecule close to hedione whose jasmine flavors are particularly accentuated. Finally, CK All ends with a warmer and oriental base emanating from amber for a particularly additive and very sensual finish.

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