Eau de toilette Image Cerruti

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Eau de toilette Image Cerruti is a 1998 Aromatic Green Cologne by Cerruti for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Ursula Wandel . Top notes are Pepper, Pear. Middle notes are Fig, Jasmine, Cypress. Base notes are Vetiver, White musks, Amber.

Eau de toilette Image Cerruti
Eau de toilette Image Cerruti


Cerruti Image, the masculine fragrance by Cerruti

Five years later, she offered 1881 for women and then renewed her men’s fragrances in 1998 with Cerruti Image. Cerruti Image wants to be a classic perfume while exhaling innovative, even futuristic accords. Ursula Wandel, the creator of this Cerruti Image, thus offers the vision of modern man for the future millennium.

Cerruti Image between sophistication, strength and tenderness

The 90s were good for the haute-couture house Cerruti. Although created in 1957 near Milan, the Nino Cerruti 1881 brand took a long time to settle in the upper echelons of fashion. However, all female and male stars dress in Cerruti clothes as they exude Italian luxury, made with sober and effective cuts while being glamorous. From this inimitable style Nino Cerruti will give birth to a perfume, 1881, which will quickly enter among the best sales of perfumes as its agreements are in total adequacy with the values ​​of the house.

In order to prepare for the new century that is coming, Nino Cerruti will want to offer a second fragrance for men that will exude the energetic freshness of independent and strong men but also the woody notes that will reinforce its charm and touches of flowers that will bring it delicacy and sweetness. . Because the Cerruti man is a perfect marriage of all these facets, because the man of the new millennium is much more complex than it seems.

Cerruti Image therefore embodies the essential values ​​of this new male gender and will not hesitate to use this positivism to create advertising that is both visionary and poetic. A serenity embodied by a single slogan: “Draw your dreams” …

A sensual aromatic fragrance with floral notes, Cerruti Image

“A visionary and optimistic fragrance, thanks to the harmony and balance between: present and future, nature and technology, man and environment. »Cerruti for Cerruti Image. How then to create a fragrance that reconciles both classic and reassuring accords but also scents that will surprise men to better captivate them?

Cerruti Image will first offer a fresh and energetic start composed of Barbanacia leaves and juicy and fruity notes of pear. To accentuate the energy of these top notes, a few peppers will spice it up. At the heart, sunny jasmine comes alongside the fruity sweetness of fig leaf to better let itself be carried away in a whirlwind of cypress notes. Amber and Haitian vetiver will close this ball of scents in a deep and virile trail that contrasts with the flowers while coating them with the generous and reassuring sensuality of a few white musks.

“Modern and refined, delicate, full of life and sensual, the Cerruti Image perfume reflects the values ​​of Maison Cerruti. »Cerruti for Cerruti Image.

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