Eau de toilette La Femme Prada L’Eau Prada

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Eau de toilette La Femme Prada L’Eau Prada is a 2017 Oriental Floral Cologne by Prada for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Mandarin, Frangipani. Middle notes are Tuberose, Ylang ylang. Base notes are Woody Notes.

Eau de toilette La Femme Prada L’Eau Prada
Eau de toilette La Femme Prada L’Eau Prada


L’Eau La Femme Prada, a sweeter fragrance

At the border of innocence and sensuality, opulence and finesse, they merge and enchant us since their release in 2016 . Today, Prada has decided to transform these two juices into more luminous and airy versions. Focus on La Femme L’Eau, an airy fragrance that is no less seductive.

The metamorphosis of La Femme de Prada in Water

Through the La Femme Prada collection, the brand wanted to pay tribute to all women with an unusual character and a unique personality. La Femme Prada is a juice that seems almost directly inspired by Miuccia Prada herself. This is the quintessence of this exceptional brand. This juice shines and immediately falls within a certain timelessness. Its first version, La Femme, was a sort of olfactory chimera inviting emotion. Departing from the marked paths of the perfumery, this juice gave us a heady breath of frangipani, ylang-ylang and tuberose. Then, in 2017, La Femme became more Intense, metamorphosing into a more opulent tuberose flower, lined with a creamier ylang-ylang and a more woody patchouli. This time,

The new tuberose from La Femme L’Eau de Prada

La Femme L’Eau is a very airy fragrance. Its intense freshness flies away from its first breath. Its top notes also contain tangerine and frangipani flower. The mandarin helps to reinforce the sparkling and zesty aspect of this perfume while the frangipani flower plays more in the vegetal register. His heart then becomes more creamy and sunny. It always places the tuberose at the center of all things and accompanies it with the exoticism of the ylang-ylang. Finally, woody nuances are distilled in its wake and round off the expression of the whole. La Femme L’Eau de Prada is a particularly luxurious juice whose quality of ingredients is absolutely irreproachable.

The elegant pink leather of the L’Eau La Femme Prada bottle

From then on , only one bottle was missing to accompany this olfactory release. La Femme L’Eau has a silhouette very similar to that of her elders. Its container consists of two main parts. Its front face is smooth and radiates through a sheet of gold metal. La Femme L’Eau seems to have captured the sunlight to make its juice shine brightly. Its rear part, on the other hand, is more rounded. Playing on contrasts, this time it is covered with an infinitely feminine pale pink leather texture echoing the world of Prada leather goods. The set is topped with a golden spray cabochon and comes to us in a cardboard box with a texture very similar to that of the branding handbags.

Released in 2017, “ La Femme Prada, l’Eau ”follows on from the success of“ La Femme Prada ”and“ L’Homme Prada ”, the most famous olfactory couple of the Prada house. As sensual and elegant as its elder, the fragrance “La Femme Prada l’Eau” is nevertheless lighter and more airy. The Prada Woman was inspired by Miuccia Prada, the founder’s granddaughter, now at the head of the brand. In her image, the Prada Woman is a woman of character, endowed with a lively intelligence and a beautiful sensuality.

The Prada Woman, Water, a sensuality signed Danièla Andrier

Once is not customary, it is the perfumer Danièla Andrier who created the composition “La Femme Prada, l’Eau”. She was also the one who imagined “The Prada Woman and Man”. Perfumer for the Givaudan company, Danièla Andrier produced the majority of Prada perfumes. Born in Germany, Danièla Andrier initially turned to literature studies … When asked what her favorite raw material is, Danièla Andrier replies “I like all natural raw materials, without exception. I love iris and galbanum which particularly touch me. I actually find it hard to do without iris, even at a very low dose, it is still there “. For her, a perfume is “Far from being an unnecessary luxury, it gives poetry, depth to the past, olfactory and emotional support of our memory …. This is a common thread “. We owe Danièla Andrier great successes such as Prada’s “Prada Candy, Infusion d’iris” by Prada and also “Angélique Noire” by Guerlain.

La Femme Prada, L’Eau, la tubéreuse revisited

“La Femme Prada, l’Eau” will begin with the tangy notes of mandarin associated with the sweet notes of frangipani. Also called “Flower of the temples”, the frangipani flower has a very important symbolism among Hindus and Buddhists. Native to Central America, the frangipani is mainly cultivated in Reunion Island. The frangipani is one of the most beautiful tropical trees, pink, white or yellow in color. Its name of frangipani comes from the name of an Italian, “Frangipani”, who in the 12th century made a very popular perfume with notes of crushed almonds. When the tree was discovered in the Caribbean, its smell, comparable to this famous perfume, earned it the name “frangipani”.

In perfumery, the frangipani gives off sweet, soft and very floral tones. The heart of “La Femme Prada, l’Eau” is as floral as it is luminous and combines ylang-ylang with tuberose. Native to Southeast Asia, ylang-ylang is a tree with large, yellow, star-shaped flowers. In perfumery, ylang-ylang offers very floral, jasmine and sweet tones. Finally, the base of “La Femme Prada, l’Eau” offers an accord of woody notes. The bottle is similar to that of its elder. Nevertheless, it plays on two sides. In an almost architectural form, the bottle reflects the light and lets us glimpse its precious nectar of golden amber color.

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