Emblem Absolu Montblanc Eau de Toilette

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Emblem Absolu Montblanc Eau de Toilette is a 2017 Woody Spicy Cologne by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Sonia Constant . Top notes are Mandarin, Pear, Cardamom. Middle notes are Pink Pepper, Lavender, Passion fruit. Base notes are Patchouli, Vetiver, Tree moss.

Emblem Absolu Montblanc Eau de Toilette
Emblem Absolu Montblanc Eau de Toilette


The masculine fragrance Emblem Absolu Montblanc

Celebrating the iconic white star of Montblanc, Emblem very quickly embodied the elegant and neat image of this brand on the olfactory level. In 2016, Montblanc thus revisited its fragrance in the form of Emblem Intense. As a continuation of this nascent collection, Montblanc is currently presenting the very latest Emblem Absolu.

The spicy and woody breath of Emblem Absolu

First of all, let’s start by talking about the scent of this new perfume. Indeed, it is inspired, as its name suggests, by its elder, Emblem. However, this new composition is more lively and spicier than before. Emblem Absolu revolves around one of the most famous ingredients in men’s perfumery: lavender. Nevertheless, if this perfume contains the classic codes of male perfumery, it reinterprets them with a more contemporary elegance than ever. The start of this fragrance is lively and dazzling. He combines tangerine with a juicy pear. Cardamom, meanwhile, has been added to this composition to give it a more icy appearance. Nevertheless, Emblem Absolu plays on contrasts and heats up very quickly in its heart. This one electrifies with pink pepper. Fruit and honey, however, make the whole thing sweeter. Finally, masculinity wins and Emblem Absolu ends up revealing more virility to us. This fragrance ends with a structured breath of patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss.

Montblanc plays the luxury card

On the aesthetic side, Emblem Absolu’s membership in the great Montblanc family is evident from the vision of its bottle. Indeed, when it was released in 2014, Emblem had already surprised us with its intriguing container, a sort of massive interpretation of the famous Montblanc star, fully lacquered in black. However, the brand new Montblanc Emblem Absolu has exactly the same silhouette. Everything looks like a perfume UFO and has a very futuristic side. What is more, its very dark side from the past to today has given way to an entirely golden lacquer. More than ever, Montblanc seems to have played the avant-garde card with Emblem Absolu. Its edges nevertheless seem polished by time and no one can say if its shape is rather abrupt or delicate. Its profile evokes the six glaciers of the Montblanc chain. Everything thus seems to respect perfectly the tradition of the mark while looking particularly towards the future.

Each perfume of the so beautiful Montblanc house wants to be as refined as their realization of legendary pens. Thus since 2001 and the Beau Présence, Montblanc can boast of having offered in fragrance all its universe of luxury and sophistication in rare fragrances and striking scents. Emblem, released in 2014, will be the indelible signature of this Mont-Blanc man who writes his life with daring, passion and ardor. After having offered it in an Intense version, Mont-Blanc will choose to offer this Emblem as an Absolute Emblem.

Emblem Absolute or the scent of a sophisticated man asserted by Sonia Constant

Since the appearance of the famous and now cult Meisterstück in 1924, the Montblanc house has been able to develop its historical heritage and its high qualities in terms of know-how to offer legendary pens to men who only write their fate with exceptional feathers. Obviously when the house made the choice to embark on the creation of perfumes for the new millennium, it was obvious that they would live up to their past as well as their prestigious present.

After Presence, Strawalker and Légend, Montblanc chose to create a fourth line of men’s perfume with Emblem. Emblem, composed by Sonia Constant, wants to be the symbol of the Montblanc man between flowery sophistication, aromatic energies and woody strengths. The Emblem Man is the man of all challenges …
& nbsp; “The Emblem Man exudes a powerful aura through his manly presence and natural magnetism. »Montblanc for Emblem.

Sonia Constant will then compose Emblem Intense which will play even more of its magnificent contrasts to explode in absolute hot and cold. Now in 2017 we got to know Emblem Absolu which this time will move away from floral notes to be even more fruity and more exotic.

Delicacies, spices and exotic fruits for such a powerful Absolute Emblem unique

If we already know that it is the great traveler and very inspired perfumer Sonia Constant who composed Emblem and Emblem Intense, we have no certainty for the moment regarding Emblem Absolu . Yet the original and exotic composition of Emblem Absolu leaves little doubt that the talented Sonia Constant also designed this fragrance.

Emblem Absolu opens with the same freshness of mandarin as the two previous opus. However, the warm and bewitching cardamom, Emblem’s signature, is this time married to a sweet and sweet note of pear.

In the heart, lavender remains, but this time it combines its aromatic power with spicy and energetic pink berries. Once again, Emblem Absolu amazes us by mixing these invigorating notes with scents of exotic fruits which brings a sweetness to this heart that comes from elsewhere. Note that the use of exotic fruits in a male perfume is a rare thing, which brings all the more originality to this Emblem Absolute.

Finally the depths are once again very sensual and very charismatic to highlight the man of Emblem Absolu in a woody trail of patchouli, vetiver and tree moss.

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