Emblem Montblanc Eau de Toilette

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Emblem Montblanc Eau de Toilette is a 2014 Fougere Aromatic Woody Spicy Cologne by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Sonia Constant . Top notes are Mint, Bergamot, Dihydromyrcenol. Middle notes are Lavender, Apple, Cardamom, Green note, Violet leaf, Clary sage. Base notes are Vetiver, Cinnamon, Amber woods, Vanilla, Coumarin.

Emblem Montblanc Eau de Toilette
Emblem Montblanc Eau de Toilette


Emblem, the signature of an authentic man

Like all these watch and pen creations, the perfume line meets the same requirements. The first Montblanc “Présence” fragrance for men was launched in 2001. Today, the brand presents its new fragrance for men “Emblem”. Strong as a rock, a landmark, “Emblem” is the signature of an authentic man.

Emblem, authentic fragrances

Montblanc is the love of noble materials and the desire to achieve perfection with each perfume. The authentic and charismatic fragrances leave their mark on the skin deliciously, after the passage of “Emblem”. The latter begins with very lively notes of sage associated with that of cardamom. They then mix with the sparkling grapefruit. Which gives off an undisputed power. The heart of “Emblem” then evolves towards crunchier notes, those of frosted violet flowers, delicately coated with cinnamon. These fresh but contrasting fragrances offer softness to this composition of character. The base is an alchemy of precious woods, tonka bean and patchouli. Powerful and harmonious, the trail left by “Emblem” is that of a man whose tenacity,

The Emblem bottle, symbol of virility

The virile audacity of the bottle of “Eblem” is undeniable. Even if the Montblanc house is marked by the strength of its history, it has decided here to bring audacity not only in the composition but also in its design. Black in color, the “Emblem” bottle reaffirms its virility. The black background on transparent glass plays on the same contrasts as the materials used in the composition. The bottle is intriguing with its mineral mass, smoothly faceted as if it had been polished by time. Its six-star shape naturally recalls the slopes of the mountain. By evoking the six glaciers, the emblem dear to the Montblanc house, the brand insists on the purity of its values… “Emblem” has kept and transmitted the strong values ​​of Montblanc, namely sobriety, elegance, excellence and rigor. Simple and sober,

For more than 100 years, Montblanc has dazzled the whole world with its creations of luxury writing, leather goods and watchmaking. Its fragrances are in line with the quality that does them honor. “Emblem” is the fragrance of an authentic, self-confident and tenacious man. Whoever has enough daring to reach the famous glacier. Contrast, daring, sobriety and a pinch of luxury, this is the most brilliant cocktail that Montblanc offers us with “Emblem”.

The Montblanc house has not finished seducing us, whether it is by its lines of unique pens with unparalleled know-how or whether it is by its perfumes which exude to perfection the charm of a man who writes his destiny to the feather of a Meisterstück. Emblem will engrave in the rock with its fresh and woody accords the inimitable signature of Montblanc perfumes thanks to the talents and innovative ideas of its creator Sonia Constant.

Emblem the elegant and contrasting star of perfumer Sonia Constant for Mont-Blanc

Presence, Starwalker or even the very latest Legend, describe each of the Montblanc men in precious, elegant and definitely addicting accords. Just like for its pens with an eternal aura, the house of Montblanc has chosen to compose scents with a rare signature thanks to the talents of the best perfumers of the moment, nothing is too good for lovers of Montblanc.

By asking Sonia Constant to design a perfume to represent the famous star representing the label for almost a century, Montblanc chose a creative perfumer inspired by multiple sources. Her travels to the four corners of the world as well as her childhood memories are so many treasures that Sonia Constant likes to enclose in bottles.

For Emblem, the great traveler perfumer will design a “glacier” scented with the means fresh and almost icy notes that will represent the energy and the challenge that every man tries to face on a daily basis. In order to make this powerful energy, she will make it meet the virile warmth of deep woods and spices which will symbolize the virility and the sensuality of the man who signs his life as his wake with Montblanc.

An aromatic-flowery pulse of woody notes for a unique Emblem man like a Mont-Blanc

“The natural essence of pink grapefruit is sweet and volatile. But my goal was to go further. I therefore trusted a synthetic reconstitution of white grapefruit to accentuate its bitterness potential, so that it runs through the composition, and responds to the spices at the top and vetiver at the bottom. “& Nbsp; Sonia Constant about Emblem de Mont-Blanc.

Thus Emblem plays with its contrasts to better surprise us, contrasts that could be the symbol of the passage between sleep and waking, between ice and fire, between dynamism and sensuality. L’Homme Emblem is complex and rich, Sonia Constant has transcribed it into a fragrance that plays with opposites.

Emblem opens with bitter and zesty grapefruit notes punctuated with pink berries, pepper and the aromatic power of clary sage. A hint of cardamom, however, announces the arrival of beautiful spicy heat with a heart of cinnamon. These hot colds will be powdered with a pretty retro and original touch of violet flower which will bring to Emblem the touch of sophistication common to every Mont-Blanc man. Finally, the amber and sensual powers of patchouli, ambroxan and tonka bean make us this time switch to the warm and charming side of the decidedly very surprising Emblem man.

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