Explorer Montblanc Eau de Parfum

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Explorer Montblanc Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Woody Aromatic Perfume by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux Antoine Maisondieu , Jordi Fernandez Jordi Fernandez. Top notes are Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Clary sage. Middle notes are Leather, Vetiver. Base notes are Patchouli, Cocoa, Akigalawood®, Ambroxan.

Explorer Montblanc Eau de Parfum
Explorer Montblanc Eau de Parfum


Adventurers have a Montblanc fragrance with Explorer

Men love it and ask for more! Also, to meet their growing demand, Montblanc has just made them a new fragrance. Intended for all modern-day adventurers, this one is called Explorer. With a strong character and presented in a luxurious bottle, this essence alone brings together all the attributes of the Montblanc brand.

Explorer de Montblanc, a powerful fragrance

Explorer by Montblanc is a particularly powerful fragrance that does not lack charisma. Playing on contrasts, it gives rise to a real explosion of flavors. In this case, he seems to have in him all the adventurous spirit of the explorers. He invites the one who wears it to surpass himself a little more every day. With him, man seems to be made to meet the craziest challenges; why not an exploration of Mont-Blanc? Both luxurious and elegant while being virile and intense, this juice is designed in the very image of this great brand initiated by three men who have never stopped at nothing.

The very contrasting smell of Explorer perfume

Explorer de Montblanc dares to assemble opposing ingredients to create striking olfactory contrasts. Each of its raw materials is carefully selected. Here, bergamot immediately comes up against the power of pink pepper. Incandescence faces freshness while enriching itself with a more aromatic note of sage. Her heart, for its part, clearly plays the card of sensuality. It highlights an animal scent of leather while enhancing it with Haitian vetiver, a wood renowned for its masculinity. Finally, at the bottom, the patchouli leaves become more greedy by the presence of cocoa. This ingredient also reinforces the bitterness of this fragrance. It is further enriched with akigala wood and ambroxan for a seductive and languid effect at will.

The luxurious Explorer bottle

Finally, let’s finish this discovery of the Explorer perfume with the details of its bottle. This forms a thick cylinder of glass, the transparent base of which opposes a black and opaque top. Its solid base creates ripples even in its glass. Its chiseled surface, for its part, is a pledge of all its refinement. The Explorer perfume amazes by the heavy weight of its bottle, a guarantee of its reliability and its masculine character. However, its shape clearly facilitates its handling. Finally, as if to mark its belonging to the Montblanc family, this perfume displays its six-pointed star on two occasions. This became the icon of the Montblanc house in 1913, symbolizing the six snow-capped peaks of the Mont-Blanc valley. So, are you ready for this new exploration?

Since 1906, the date of its creation, the Montblanc house has continued to offer luxury products, but above all of great quality. After the enormous success of Montblanc pens, then of leather goods, the brand launched into perfumery. Today, Montblanc has not finished drawing its energy from the top of the mountains and is presenting “Explorer Eau de Parfum” at the start of 2019. A masculine fragrance, Explorer is aimed at men who are both refined and free, but more than any adventurer at heart. With its strong temperament, Explorer shows us once again the capacity of the Montblanc brand to amaze us.

< h2> A trio of perfumers to create Explorer Montblanc

In order to create this new composition, the brand called on a trio of talented perfumers, namely Olivier Pescheux, Antoine Maisondieu and Fernandez Jordi. After obtaining a DEUG in chemistry, Olivier Pescheux joined the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school. Frank and authentic, Olivier Pescheux is an ultra talented perfumer who only works for luxury brands. We have very beautiful fragrances such as “Kouros Silver” by Yves Saint Laurent or “Azzaro pour Homme Intense” by Azzaro. Antoine Maisondieu learned perfumery at the Roure school in Grasse. He currently works at Givaudan and favors the compositions of male perfumes. We owe him “Marry Me” by Lanvin or “Féérie” by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels. As for Jordi Fernandez, he is a promising young perfumer. He works within the Givaudan company.

The contrasting notes of Explorer Montblanc

The composition of Explorer begins with the lively and fiery association of bergamot, clary sage and rose berries. Native to Southern Europe and Western Asia, clary sage is found in the wild in many countries of the Mediterranean basin such as Morocco, Tunisia, or Greece. Used as a flavoring in many culinary preparations or alcoholic beverages, clary sage is also recognized for its medicinal properties which have earned it its designation of “all good” sage. In perfumery, the essence of clary sage is obtained by steam distillation of the plant. It gives off herbaceous, camphoric, floral and musky tones. The heart of the composition then evolves into a leather accord associated with Haitian vetiver. Finally, the Explorer base is languid and sensual and combines ambroxan, akigala wood, cocoa and patchouli. Akigala wood, also called “akigalawood”, is a note created in the laboratory by Givaudan in 2011. Akigala wood gives off mysterious and captivating scents. It is a material that interacts with others, like a chameleon. Both light and intense, Akigala wood will offer its floral and spicy scents. We find the note in great perfumes like “Miu Miu” by Prada or “Angel Muse Eau de Toilette” by Thierry Mugler.

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