For Her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez

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For Her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez is a 2019 Floral Woody Musky Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Sonia Constant . Top notes are Jasmine, Orange Blossom. Middle notes are Musk, Cashmere wood. Base notes are Amber, Patchouli.

For Her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez


The For Her perfume is reinventing itself; more musky than ever

Far from the baroque chypres typical of the 80s, he displayed his fiery and mysterious personality with class, immediately drawing the hearts of the public into his nets. Since its release, For Her continues to emulate. Even today, he reinvents himself and reveals to us a new facet of his personality. It becomes For Her Pure Musk and highlights its finest ingredients with a new intensity.

Narciso Rodriguez’s musk becomes purer than ever

For Her Pure Musc… This is a name that says a lot about the recipe for this new fragrance. Designed by Sonia Constant, For Her Pure Musk has a clean musk heart. They thus reappropriate the signature of the entire Narciso Rodriguez collection, and deliver it to us in its purest and addictive form. With this new fragrance, it’s all about sensuality. For Her Pure Musk then reveals its radiance to us in a bouquet of white flowers, composed of jasmine and orange blossom. Cashmere gives the whole more softness and refinement. Finally, For Her Pure Musc ends with a base of amber and patchouli, more warm and spicy. The result is a deep and irresistible sensuality.

For Her Pure Musc, in a refined and contrasting bottle

For Her Pure Musc is presented to us in a bottle similar to that of its predecessors. True totem of the house of Narciso Rodriguez, it is the perfect embodiment of the creator’s creative vision. Devoid of everything superfluous, it goes to the essentials but nonetheless remains very elegant. Completely timeless, the For Her Pure Musc bottle remains perfectly trendy despite its 15 years of existence. Today, he chose to wear a transparent glass with a white heart, opposed to an opaque black cap. This game of contrasts says a lot about the duality of the feminine character. For Her Pure Musc is for a woman with a rich personality, between shadow and light.

What is the portrait of the new For Her Pure Musc woman?

Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Pure Musc woman takes us to the very origins of femininity. She is the symbol of all women at the same time. In fact, through this new fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez gives us a message of gratitude. He makes it a dedication of love. Despite its very refined style, For Her Pure Musc thus exudes a feeling of generosity. On screen, For Her Pure Musc is portrayed by the Dutch model Julia Bergshoeff, a well-known figure of the brand.

Narciso Rodriguez ofers musk in overdose with his For Her perfume

Since its launch , the For Her perfumed collection has been a tribute to femininity and a kind of thank you from Narciso Rodriguez to all the women who trusted him and who knew how to multiply his creativity. Through many essences, he is grateful to all his muses. To delight their daily lives, he offers them juices that are always very personal, both refined and very contemporary. This time, Narciso Rodriguez has decided to reinvent the traditional scent of musk and deliver it to us in its purest power. This is the composition of the new For Her Pure Musk.

Musk, central element of Narciso Rodriguez’s perfume

Let’s start with musk first , a major ingredient in the entire collection of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes. Here, this raw material is placed at the center of this recipe. It is this which gives all the relief to this essence and which gives birth to the personality of For Her Pure Musc. Musk is originally an animal material, coming from the buckshot. Today, as animal hunting is prohibited, the scent of musk is fully reproduced in the laboratory. Widely used by perfumers, musk has the gift of increasing sensuality, while bringing more tenacity to the essences which contain it. Far from being too heady, he delivers himself here in an aerial, sensual and addictive form. Musk never seems to have been so refined.

For Her Pure Musk, when the fragrance is illuminated with flowers

Besides this ingredient, For Her Pure Musk is also put in light through the presence of flowers, the feminine breath of which appears from the top notes of this perfume. Jasmine displays all its opulence here and clearly affirms the character of the woman seen by Narciso Rodriguez. The whole is illuminated with orange blossom, a typically Mediterranean ingredient, the single breath of which is enough to radiate an entire composition. Undoubtedly, the For Her Pure Musc woman has an aura out of the ordinary. It is one that stands out among all the others.

Narciso Rodriguez opts for a more sensual base

Finally, For Her Pure Musc by Narciso Rodriguez ends with a darker and more seductive base. The patchouli warms everything up and gives this juice more depth and character. It constitutes the framework of this composition. Cashmere wood, on the other hand, softens the presence of musk and gives it more roundness. Finally, amber gives off a sweet breath here. The For Her Pure Musc woman is a seductress at heart who already promises to turn many heads!

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