Fuel for Life Eau de Parfum for Elle Diesel

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Fuel for Life Eau de Parfum for Elle Diesel is a 2007 Chyprée Fruity Gourmand Perfume by Diesel for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo Thierry Wasser . Top notes are Grapefruit, Orange, Passion fruit, Pineapple. Middle notes are Pink, Orange Blossom, Peach, Jasmine, Cassis, Raspberry. Base notes are Patchouli, White musks.

Fuel for Life Eau de Parfum for Elle Diesel
Fuel for Life Eau de Parfum for Elle Diesel


Fuel for life for Her: Seduction in diesel fishnet stockings

Irony, provocation and joie de vivre are the hallmarks of this fragrance which presents itself as a resolutely sensual and resolutely modern elixir. So “Are you alive?”

Fuel for Life: irony, provocation and freedom for a pretty sensual cocktail

Even though the Diesel perfume license is managed by the L’Oréal group, the links between the communication of the famous Italian jeans brand and the perfume line are extremely close.

Created in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, the Diesel brand is positioned in the luxury jeans segment with incredible success while continuing to affirm loud and clear its original philosophy “passion, individuality and freedom of expression are the watchwords of brand and its founder, Renzo Rosso.”. When it comes to creating perfumes in the name of the brand, it is therefore completely out of the question to depart from this rule of non-conformity.

So Diesel presented Fuel for Life in 2007 with the audacity that we already knew. Fuel for Life doesn’t even need a muse as the message and the name are so strong, innovative and provocative in a world of slightly staid perfumers. Whatever one may say, the evocative advertisements between sensuality and retro charm are revealed as much in the street as on the various screens. Diesel even pays for the supreme luxury of self-prohibition by distributing an imaginary petition!

Transgressions, provocations and sensualities put the fuel for Life fragrance duo in the spotlight and the feminine version of this sparkling and vitamin-enriched juice does not hesitate to warn its audience of an ironic “Use with caution”. Because of its devilishly greedy and sensual juice perhaps?

Fuel for Life for Her or the essence of a chypre a bit daring but always greedy

The Diesel brand oscillating between vintage charm and absolute modernity could not choose any other bottle than a very western flask, very jeans, to contain this essence of life. For this feminine version of Fuel for Life, the very masculine bottle will be dressed in precious and terribly sexy lace.

Composed by Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasseur, Fuel for life for Elle opens with very tangy notes of orange and grapefruit spiked with pink pepper. Passion fruit and pineapple join these citrus to bring their sweet and exotic touch to these top notes. Then the flowery heart of jasmine and rose plunges this gourmand into a bath of elegant flowers to better coat it with a pretty tender and gourmet orange blossom itself wrapped in a soft velvety peach. The red fruits come back with force thanks to the blackcurrant and the raspberry overdosed for this juice wanted as a delicacy.

However, this sweet elegance deepens with woody sensualities by offering a totally addictive trail of cottony white musks embellished with so carnal patchouli.

If humor and provocation are the key words of Fuel for Life for Elle, the success is not only due to the pharaonic budget of the communication established around this duo of charming perfumes. Fuel for Life pour Elle demonstrates by its power between chypre and delicacies that we can be glamorous while being elegant …

Released in 2007, “ Fuel for Life ”is one of the great successes of the Diesel brand. Launched as a duo with its female counterpart, “Fuel for Life” marks Diesel’s return to the forefront. “Fuel for Life for Men” is represented as an ultra sensual elixir brimming with virility. Energetic, the fragrance “Fuel for Life” is intended for men who feel alive and free. The “Fuel for Life” man is therefore independent, charismatic and follows his desires as well as his desires. A magnificent composition.

Fuel for Life, a concentrate of happiness signed Annick Ménardo and Jacques Cavallier

In order to offer its fans, a essence full of masculinity, the Diesel brand has chosen a very talented duo, namely Annick Ménardo and Jacques Cavallier. Born in Cannes, Annick Ménardo was very young, was seduced by floral and marine scents. She succeeded in integrating ISIPCA, the prestigious school of perfumery, after which she worked for the company Créations Aromatique (now Symrise), before joining Firmenich. Considered an avant-garde perfumer, Annick Ménardo is above all a passionate person. We owe him magnificent perfumes such as “Le Premier Parfum” by Lolita Lempicka or “Dance with Repetto” by Repetto. Jacques Cavallier was born in Grasse, to a father and a grandfather as a perfumer. Very talented and daring, Jacques Cavallier has been Louis Vuitton’s official perfumer since 2012. Jacques Cavallier has achieved many successes, including “Cinéma” by Yves Saint Laurent and “Classique” by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Fuel for Life, virile and very seductive notes

This antidote to grayness begins in a surprising way by associating notes of grapefruit, raspberry and star anise. A variety of anise, star anise is also called “Chinese star anise”. Fruit of the Chinese badian, star anise forms an 8-pointed star, hence its name. The fruits are picked green and dried in the sun before turning brown-red. In perfumery, star anise is obtained by distilling the seeds of the fruit. It gives off tones that are both herbaceous, aromatic and syrupy. Then, the heart of “Fuel for Life” is made up of lavender and heliotrope, leaving a decidedly masculine trail. Heliotrope is a plant whose leaves are always facing the sun. Also known as the “Flower of the Ladies”, heliotrope is native to Peru. In perfumery, heliotrope offers a very fragrant scent, but also offers suave, vanilla and balsamic tones. Finally, the base is both musky and woody, and combines sandalwood, coumarin, woody notes and immortelle. The bottle of “Fuel for Life” takes the shape of a gourd and is inspired by vintage flat and oval puddles. This same bottle is also covered with a retro burlap cover where the name of the perfume is read as embedded in the canvas. Finally, the stopper opens and closes with an aged leather link, bringing a final touch of virility.

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