Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel Eau de Parfum

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Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel Eau de Parfum is a 2008 Floral Woody Fruity Perfume by Diesel for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier Olivier Cresp , Harry Fremont Harry Fremont. Top notes are Mandarin, Lemon, Licorice, Anise. Middle notes are Jasmine, Lilies, Pear, Tuberose. Base notes are Sandalwood.

Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel Eau de Parfum
Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel Eau de Parfum


Fuel for Life Unlimited: A concentrate of absolute femininity

Fuel for Life Unlimited did not hesitate for a second to rush into this fragrant breach in 2008 by intensifying its sensuality until the explosion of gourmet and flowery scents. Followers of the shift and retro sexy, Ladies you have served!

A boudoir and 1920s atmosphere for a totally glamorous Fuel for Life Unlimited …

Fuel for Life Unlimited is presented neither more nor less like a love potion offered to women to explode their sensualities and their charms. The perfume “only reserved for women”, we will understand for real women sure of herself and of their power of attraction on the male gente, over-plays the dose of sexy and glamor until pushing even further the limits of the tension. sexual. Because yes, Fuel for Life Unlimited is totally sensual, even outrageously sexy!

What could be better then than a boudoir atmosphere of the “Roaring Twenties” to highlight her heroines as charming as they are terribly sassy? Let us not forget the Fuel for life mantra “Are you alive” pushes to cross the limits of the “ self-righteous ”to find his freedom. The time for Fuel for Life Unlimited is therefore to celebrate, the joy of life and love of course.

Once again totally offbeat, the communication of this new Fuel for Life Unlimited clashes in the smooth world of luxury perfumery . And the quality of its scented composition will not even fail!

Fuel for Life Unlimited or the talent of three great perfume noses for an astonishing fragrance

Fuel for Life Unlimited pushes sensuality and femininity to its extreme, so it was totally appropriate to dress the flask of the Fuel for Life bottle in a fishnet stockings, for the occasion black and sexy, while adorning it with a golden long necklace reminiscent of the glamorous world of visuals and advertisements. Nothing will be too good for the woman of Fuel for Life Unlimited! Moreover, it will not take less than three talented noses, Harry Frémont, Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp, to develop the composition of this fruity-floral as gourmet as it is glamorous.

Fuel for Life Unlimited’s dazzling and tangy start is propelled by mandarin and lemon which for the occasion marry with anise and surprise, liquorice. Then the green and earthy tuberose meets the pretty and delicate jasmine which will take on exotic colors thanks to the astonishing aloe vera flower. A few powdery notes of iris bring to the ultra sensual base of deep and captivating sandalwood, creating a completely enchanting woody trail to this Fuel for Life Unlimited woman.

Fuel for Life Unlimited is not afraid of anything: it completely breaks the codes of perfumed decorum to show off in a retro libertarian setting and over-plays with gluttony to joke with flowers and fruits, each more astonishing than the next. . If Diesel wanted to be noticed, it goes without saying that with Fuel for Life Unlimited it is successful!

Released in 2008, “ Fuel for Life Unlimited ”follows the success of“ Fuel for Life for Her ”. It is a fragrance that imposes itself as a love potion, a potion that will allow women to reveal their femininity and their sensuality. The least we can say is that “Fuel for Life Unlimited” is a 100% feminine nectar, developed for sexy, liberated women who set no limits. Pure concentrated sensuality, “Fuel for Life Unlimited” leads us towards a universe of the most uninhibited.

< h2> A trio of talented perfumers at the origin of an exacerbated composition

In order to achieve this concentrate of sensuality, Diesel has chosen 3 great perfumers, namely Jacques Cavallier, Harry Frémont and Olivier Cresp. Jacques Cavallier was born in Grasse to a father and a grandfather as a perfumer. Very creative, Jacques Cavallier has been the official perfumer of the Louis Vuitton brand since 2012. We owe him, among others, “Cinema” by Yves Saint Laurent and “Classic” by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Harry Frémont was born in Cannes and successfully entered the prestigious ISIPCA school. Harry Frémont is daring and imagines timeless fragrances. He is at the origin of many perfumes, such as “CK One” by Calvin Klein or “Mon Paris” by Yves Saint Laurent. Olivier Cresp has nothing to envy when it comes to talent. He is described as a “genius of perfumery”. It must be said that we owe him the great success of Thierry Mugler, “Angel”. He also composed “Place Vendôme” by Boucheron or “Nina” by Nina Ricci.

Fuel for Life Unlimited, gluttony, nothing but gluttony

Entre fleurs, fruits and spices, the composition of “Fuel for Life Unlimited” is quite simply a little delight. “Fuel for Life Unlimited” begins with notes of citrus lemon and mandarin, associated with other fruits such as exotic guava or juicy pear. Native to Central America, the guava was also called “sand plum” by the Aztecs. The tree, the guava tree, offers aromatic leaves often used as a digestive infusion. In perfumery, guava gives off suave, exotic, warm and green tones. Then, the heart of “Fuel for Life Unlimited” evolves into floral notes, such as tuberose, jasmine, lily, violet, to which is added the gourmet touch of licorice. The Lily is the symbol of French royalty. Introduced in France in the 11th century by the Frankish kings, in reference to the battle of Vouillé (507), the fleur-de-lys then appears on all monuments, coins, tapestries… In the language of flowers, the lily is a symbol of purity and innocence. In perfumery, the lily is a silent flower, it is reproduced in the laboratory mainly thanks to the headspace technique. The lily gives off floral, jasmine and spicy tones. Finally, the base of “Fuel for Life Unlimited” is loaded with overflowing sensuality thanks to the presence of sandalwood, cistus labdanum and cedar. The bottle incorporates the main codes of its elder. In the shape of a vial, it sports here a look that is not only retro, but also sexy. It then dresses in a long necklace, an ultra seductive piece of jewelry.

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