Habit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Parfum

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Habit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Parfum is a 1965 Oriental Woody Perfume by Guerlain for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Guerlain . Top notes are Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Tangerine, Wood, Basil. Middle notes are Pink, Eyelet, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar, Cinnamon, Jasmine. Base notes are Vanilla, Leather, Benzoin, Amber, Oak moss, Cistus.

Habit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Parfum
Habit Rouge Guerlain Eau de Parfum


Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum, the new freshness of Guerlain

Inspired by the equestrian world, this is an oriental and citrus fragrance, initially designed by Jean-Paul Guerlain. To see the appearance of a first more tangy revisit of its scent, it was not until 1967. Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum, meanwhile, is the second edition of the saga, born in 2003. With it, the traditional scent of Habit Rouge is illuminated with neroli, while its woody trail gains in refinement by the presence of oud wood.

Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum, a tribute to the equestrian world

To better understand the universe and the style of this perfume, we need to delve into the history of the Guerlain family. Indeed, the latter has always been infinitely attracted by the equestrian world. All of the famous brand perfumers, and in particular Jean-Paul Guerlain, were experienced riders and trainers. This is where Habit Rouge draws its source of inspiration. This juice refers to the art of dressage, show jumping riders or hunters with hounds, on horses. It is precisely from their attract that it gets its name, like “the furtive appearance of the strident red of the tunic of a man whose energetic hand gripped the kidneys of a thoroughbred”. Even more than its predecessor, and given the luxurious ingredients it contains,

Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum, an oriental and racy fragrance

In terms of olfactory composition, Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum turns out to be even more exciting and daring than its predecessors. It is distinguished by a wake endowed with extreme sensuality. Alternately refreshing, warm, oriental or vanilla, it creates surprises throughout its discovery. It begins first with a fresh note of bitter orange. Then, its heart becomes more spicy, while lighting up with neroli and jasmine. The leather reinforces the animality of this composition, while combining with more amber notes and vanilla. For a more chic and distinguished effect, an oud wood accord sublimates the whole.

The timeless refinement of the Guerlain bottle

Since this perfume is designed for a refined man, its bottle displays absolute rigor and purity. This one remains identical to its elder. It is still a thick glass rectangle, the edges of which are finely carved. A space is also provided to carry its red label in its center. On it, his name is inscribed in all sobriety, in a very couture spirit. Since 2016, the Habit Rouge bottle has also been topped with a wooden cap. This one is also tinted in red, while overlooking a more contemporary metal ring. Modern, geometric and rigorous, the Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum bottle is a testament to the timeless French elegance according to Guerlain.

Inspired by the equestrian world , and more exactly by “the furtive appearance of the strident red of the tunic of a man whose energetic hand gripped the reins of a thoroughbred”, Jean-Paul Guerlain had the idea of ​​developing a perfume in homage to horseback riding, in 1965. Today this juice is considered to be one of the greatest fragrances in world perfumery. You will have recognized it, this is Habit Rouge. Today, this fragrance is reinventing itself and becomes Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum. Its bottle remains unchanged and its nobility remains intact. But what about its new ingredients? Let’s decipher together what differs between this recipe and that of its elder …

A very refreshing start

First, Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum deploys a lively and fresh scent. Thus, he seems to possess in him all the ardor and energy of a galloping horse. For this, Guerlain has bet on bitter orange. Thus, the brand preserves the initial freshness of Habit Rouge, while giving it a new tangy bitterness. Therefore, this perfume captures the attention and awakens the senses. For a little and one might think that it is similar to an old cologne. However, it does not take long to gain persistence and temperament. So, you will easily see that it is not and that the energy of Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum goes well beyond this first ingredient.

The luminous, floral and spicy heart of ‘Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum

Quickly, several other ingredients intermingle in its heart, displaying in this perfume a greater complexity. Jasmine gives it a floral elegance. It lights up with neroli, the scent of which comes from orange blossom absolute. In other words, the heart of Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum displays perfect continuity with its first fresh burst of bitter orange. The spices then come to tickle our nostrils and amplify the fiery temperament of this fragrance. Undeniably, Guerlain leads its recipe with ardor!

The sensuality of the base notes of Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum

Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum finally gains in sensuality and daring in its base notes. It lets out some accents of animal leather, relayed by a suave, warm and amber vanilla. However, because the man who wears this perfume is also very refined, Guerlain chooses to add to its recipe one of the most luxurious ingredients from the perfumer’s entire palette: oud wood. This brings more persistence and tenacity to the whole. Round and warm, it testifies to all the rigor of the Guerlain family and its timeless French elegance.
“Habit Rouge embodies a man in love with refinement and capable of all daring. He leads his life with ardor and is distinguished by a trail of extreme sensuality ”.

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