Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum

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Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum is a 2006 Oriental Woody Perfume by Hermes for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jean-claude Ellena . Top notes are Clementine, Chocolate, Orange. Middle notes are Vanilla, Hot milk, Sandalwood, Tonka bean. Base notes are Ambergris, Oak, Frankincense.

Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum
Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum


Elixir of Wonders, more effective than a magic wand

The house grew and enjoyed unfailing success, mainly from the Universal Exhibition of 1867, where the Hermès brand won first prize. Hermès launched into perfumery in 1951 with “Eau d’Hermès”. After many olfactory successes, Hermès unveiled in 2006, “Elixir des Merveilles”. Bright and luxurious, this perfume is more effective than a magic wand …

The magical universe of Elixir des Merveilles

Released in 2006, “Elixir des Merveilles” is directly inspired by the luxury universe of the Hermès house. It plunges us into a luminous and very unsuspected world. In 2004, the brand presented its “Eau des Merveilles”. A disconcerting fragrance where everything is built upside down with the enhancement of woody-amber accents, generally present in base notes. Astonishing and surprising, “Eau des Merveilles” was produced without any floral note, which is very rare for a feminine perfume… More gourmet and more magical than its elder, “Élixir des Merveilles” is at the same time, sparkling, velvety and creamy . This cloud of fantasy takes us into a surprising world revealing the most creations of the brand. Its round bottle is hypnotic and seems to come straight from the sky. Its sparkling stars amaze us and dazzle us tirelessly. Like its elder, “Elixir of Wonders” does not contain any flowers. However, it is filled with daring and emotions.

The spicy notes of Elixir des Merveilles

“Elixir des Merveilles” combined warm and cold tones. His perception is soft, enveloping and intimate. “Élixir des Merveilles” begins with very fresh notes, those of mandarin orange and Italian lemon. These are joined by a citrus pulp of orange and hints of chocolate. The heart resembles a cookie made of tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood, with aromas of milk and sugar. The base is oriental, woody and nevertheless sensual, with the presence of ambergris, incense balm and oak moss. The ball bottle uses the codes of its predecessor. Its round and singular shape seems to want to offer us a new vision of the world. This ball is dotted with a starry sky where the stars sparkle like little lights. The name of the perfume is affixed to it in the form of a rainbow. The bottle sports a bright orange hue like a color of concentrate of happiness that illuminates the entire ball. This is topped with a silver cabochon containing an integrated vaporizer.

After “Eau des Merveilles”, Hermès presents “Élixir des Merveilles”. If the latter is still as astonishing as his elder, he wants however to be more intense and more powerful. An elixir that takes us to the depths of the starry night, where the most mysterious secrets are revealed… “Elixir of Wonders” transports us in a second to a dream world, like a magic wand.

The Hermès house has specialized since its beginnings in the 19th century in saddlery items and then in numerous creations of leather goods. In 1951, Hermès will offer its very first Eau d’Hermès perfume, which will remain a scent legend as it carries with elegance and distinction all the finest values Of the brand. Each Hermès perfume will thus be crowned with success and it is not Eau des Merveilles and its woody-aromatic delights that will contradict it, on the contrary! But when Jean-Claude Ellena leaned over the cradle of this miraculous Water, he gave birth to the Elixir of Wonders the better to bewitch us …

Elixir des Merveilles, an amber-gourmet encounter between Hermès and Jean-Claude Ellena

Hermès has been offering us since 1951 the beauty of its all-leather journeys in powerful and original fragrances which elegantly exude the beauty of the famous saddler’s leather collections. No Hermès perfume is like another, let alone a trendy and fleeting perfume, the Hermès house loves timeless fragrances and unique accords.

With Eau de Merveilles in 2004, the house was once again part of this “trend beyond trends “by offering a feminine fragrance without any flower, a challenge in the age of gourmet perfumes! And the beautiful Eau des Merveilles composed by Nathalie Feisthauer and Ralf Schwieger will conquer the world with its woody, spicy and citrus accords.

“This fragrance stimulates the imagination and transports you to unexplored dimensions full of surprises …” & nbsp; Le Nez Bavard about Eau des Merveilles.
Having arrived at Hermès the same year as a regular perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena was necessarily interested in this woody UFO that was Eau des Merveilles. Two years later, and after having worked on the basic formula of Eau des Merveilles as “the score of a jazz player”, Jean-Claude Ellena will offer us his version of the perfumed tale of Hermès in a precious and tasty Elixir des Merveilles.

When Eau des Merveilles becomes an amber caress, the Elixir of Merveilles is born

Jean-Claude Ellena has never been afraid to rework perfume formulas to make them his own! On the contrary, he likes to reuse the original perfumes to keep only a few key elements that he will use as inspiration for the creation of a new perfume. For Elixir des Merveilles, Jean-Claude Ellena thus preserved the tangy heads and the powerful and woody depths of L’Eau des Merveilles while associating them with much more gourmet heart notes but without any sugar.

All the magic of Jean-Claude Ellena’s work can therefore be seen from this Elixir of Wonders! From a woody-aromatic fragrance, L’Eau des Merveilles, it composes a gourmet amber and woody variation without falling into the ease of extremely sweet notes, a major component of a large part of current perfumes.

It makes this Elixir des Merveilles a feminine scent which once again does not contain any flower and better still, does not contain any sweet note. The delicacies of hot milk, tonka bean, chocolate and vanilla are only evoked in this Elixir des Merveilles by the meticulous work of the perfumer in order to make them exist without making them suffocating.

“The extreme version, Elixir des Merveilles is to drive you crazy, spicier, but also rounder and warmer, it potentiates all your magical powers … “Le Nez Chatard about L’Elixir des Merveilles Hermès.

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