IKKS Young Man IKKS Eau de Toilette

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IKKS Young Man IKKS Eau de Toilette is a 2003 Citrus Gourmand New Freshness Cologne by IKKS for kid. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Grape, Cassis, Basil. Middle notes are Geranium, Coriander, Licorice. Base notes are White musks, Cedar.

IKKS Young Man IKKS Eau de Toilette
IKKS Young Man IKKS Eau de Toilette


The fragrance of young men Young Man from IKKS

Far from wanting to make your toddlers grow too quickly, it is rather a question of embellishing them with a scent to eat while sharpening their sense of smell. To do this, IKKS has developed the Young Man fragrance, a juice intended for men in the making.

Young Man, an urban and contemporary fragrance

Today, IKKS offers its olfactory range for a very wide audience. Thus, its perfumes for women play the glamor card while those for men are more virile and those for children are filled with spontaneity. However, one common aspect brings together all of these products: modernity. IKKS strives to make each of its juices very urban and to anchor them fully in the current era. Also, this is the case with IKKS Young Man. Moreover, this is noticeable even in its bottle. This has the characteristic shape of IKKS juices. It rests on a solid base and round shape then rises like a proud and refined cylinder. This container is here designed in a slightly transparent blue. This color is masculine while remaining tender. So, he instinctively manages to deliver a message charged with the childish universe. Its urban aspect, meanwhile, asserts itself through its metallic gray spray. This gives the whole a particularly modern look. Its collar is then decorated with a label which is reminiscent of the IKKS couture universe. Thus, Young Man appears to be a kind of link between the different sectors of activity of the IKKS house.

IKKS ‘desires to escape

Young Man is a juice intended for young adventurers and children who love freedom. It is ideally designed for those who dream of adventure and escape. Thus, its flavor is particularly invigorating and invigorating. Young Man begins with a fresh and light blend. It draws its dynamism from grapes and blackcurrants. The basil, meanwhile, brings to the whole a more aromatic typically masculine facet. Moreover, this one is relayed in its heart by the presence of lavender, a plant very present in the perfumery for men. In this case, many people see it as the original scent of barber’s soap. Jasmine then completes this recipe with its powdery nuances while licorice makes the whole thing more delicious. Thus, Young Man is halfway between the universe of childhood and that of more assertive masculinity. The whole finally ends with subtle notes of cedar wood associated with the smoothness of sandalwood as well as the lightness of white musks.

The IKKS brand is a brand of children’s clothing born in 1987 and completely French in origin. Positioned in a sector where fashion still had little hold, it quickly met with great success which made it develop towards perfumery and adult collections. IKKS thus naturally offered to children, the brand first customers, fragrances which are intended solely for them, such as IKKS Little Girl or IKKS Young Man.

IKKS Young Man, the tender and masculine scent of young men in the making …

IKKS was one of the first brands to offer only trendy and colorful clothing lines to our children, where Jacadi still gave them pretty wise dresses. It must be said that in the 80s children finally began to have a say in fashion and IKKS was their very first response.
When it comes to perfumes, children’s fragrances are hardly more developed than clothes. Of course there were already baby fragrances such as Ptitsenbon by Jacadi, Baby Dior by Dior. But there was nothing for older children, still small but more babies. IKKS was therefore also a pioneer in 2006 by offering Little Girl for young ladies and Young Man for young men.

Pierre Berdoues, the perfumer from Grasse, will make for these children in search of a real fragrance these two compositions. & nbsp; Young Man will therefore be tailor-made to appeal to sparkling and masculine young boys but still very childish! Because according to Nathalie Gourbeyre, founder of the Lyon-based company Koto Parfums, children “want gluttony above all else”.

Between the scents of childhood and manly accords, IKKS Young Man offers a fragrance tailor-made for young men!

With IKKS Little Girl like IKKS Young Man, it was above all about offering children perfumes that resemble them and therefore do not seek to copy perfumes for adults, but who do not seek to be too childish either. A real perfumer’s challenge that Pierre Berdoues held hands down with IKKS Young Man!

IKKS Young Men opens up a touch of basil, giving from the start an aromatic scent typical of adult male perfumery. However, blackcurrant and grapes are offered alongside this aromatic surge in order to bring a fruity and sweet sweetness to these men who are still little men. At the heart, IKKS Young Man will play on the same contrasts between childhood and adulthood by offering both a geranium-coriander accord typical of manly fragrances and a touch of childish and powerful liquorice. Finally, the cedar will bring a dynamic depth to this beautiful ensemble where the white musks will be softer and more enveloping than ever in order to wrap our young men with the tenderness they still need!

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