Invictus Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

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Invictus Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette is a 2013 Woody Aromatic Aquatic Cologne by Paco Rabanne for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo Dominique Ropion , Veronique Nyberg , Olivier Polge Veronique Nyberg , Olivier Polge. Top notes are Mandarin, Mint, Grapefruit. Middle notes are Green note, Marine note, Melon. Base notes are Amber woods, Gaiac wood, Labdanum, Cashmeran.

Invictus Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette
Invictus Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette


Invictus: A fragrance for a conquering and invincible man

Just that! Paco Rabanne sets the bar high and exaggerates but offers new masculine fragrances that can afford such daring. “Invictus” is beautiful, large and structured, he is not afraid of anything and especially not to play the contrasts of scents …

Invictus and the powerful fragrance of Victory

This sweet fragrance of victory, of challenge, sporting, professional or private is at the heart of the lives of men today. “Invictus” was born from this fantasy of conquest. “[…] Who has not dreamed of entering an arena or a stadium, hearing their name chanted by the crowd and becoming an object of desire? »Add the creators Paco Rabanne.

Thus the fragrance will tell the story of a god of the stadium, an Apollo to whom no one can resist, neither a ball, nor a team, nor a woman… From the visual to the bottle, from the advertisement to his name, all the communication around “Invictus” will be ruled by victory, especially since the worship of the ancient solar deity Sol Invictus was limitless. Moreover, in the advertising spot, we are more hesitant to refer to Antiquity and to the gods of the stadium, to the nymphs (much more undressed than in reality) and to the handsome muscular athlete shirtless in the arena.

< p> The muse, Nick Youngquest, is not a model for once but a great sportsman, famous rugby player for the Australian team. What does not prevent it from being beautiful but that is not the goal… Its athletic body sends a strong message that it is to the male gender or to the women, although it is different… a priori!

A contrasting scent as fresh as it is strong: Invictus by Paco Rabanne

To present the beautiful “Invictus” fragrance, a bottle was needed to match the feat. In a clearly disproportionate way, we choose to present it in a trophy. A design signed by Cédric Ragot allows the cup to show off the power of Victory while highlighting the light and fresh blue of the fragrance.
These same contrasts are also used in the fragrance notes of “Invictus”. The designer Véronique Nyberg offers with “Invictus” a composition of fragrances confronting each other in a duel between woods and intense marine-aromatic freshness.

From the top notes, “Invictus” opens towards juicy and sweet citrus fruits of mandarin, powerful citrus notes of grapefruit and chords of fresh mint carrying our senses towards an intense freshness. This freshness will be propelled by green and marine heart notes married to sweet, watery and slightly greedy notes of melon. Finally the trail will be traced in deeply woody scents of guaiac wood, amber woods and so elegant and exotic cashmeran. Of course, a sports hero could not wear a virile fragrance without an animal note of labdanum!

Although the totally disproportionate and totally assumed myth of the athlete is the message that carries the “Invictus” fragrance, the perfume presents a certain break with the codes of masculine virility. Indeed Paco Rabanne likes to create strong, almost caricatural images of “Man”, yet the “Invictus” perfume (just like 1 Million) offers sweet or gourmet fragrances in total break with the great classics. Some fruity notes, for example, are never used in men’s perfumery, yet behind each champion there is a tender heart!

Paco Rabanne has not hesitated for several years now to create shock fragrances which, beyond the olfactory composition, are real entities in their own right. Black XS revealed to the creator this idea of ​​total conceptualization of the creation, One Million and Lady Million totally raised it to the skies. Invictus will be the pure fruit of these quests for ideals, its composition worked like a score will be a masterpiece with “eight noses” and eight hands of genius.

Invictus or the scented creation of four talented perfumers

According to the crazy dream of the couturier and creator, the new Paco Rabanne perfume will be created to bring the dream of the athletic hero from his bottle to his communication. In order to give this hero facets as contrasting as his character, four talented perfumers will work on the project for two years.

The perfume of victory, Invictus, will be developed thanks to the talents of the greatest French perfumers such as Véronique Nyberg, Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Olivier Polge. Indeed each one will bring its specificity to the composition of Invictus, which will give the perfume an original olfactory construction. usual for men’s sports fragrances. The citrus-aromatic-woody blend remains a classic of men’s sports perfumery, Invictus will go much further by offering beautiful freshness but also intense strengths that will be presented in an unusual way compared to other fragrances.

Invictus and the contrasting sides of victory

Invictus, this athletic hero, cannot be satisfied with presenting common scents, on the contrary! The meticulous work of the perfume artists (5000 tests were necessary to obtain the final result of Invictus) will allow Invictus to be composed around strong oppositions and contrasts, thus, it breaks the codes of the usual olfactory pyramid to offer struggles between the different raw materials.

The olfactory construction of Invictus is particularly played out in two fields which sometimes oppose and sometimes complement each other. The freshness is expressed in marine tones thanks to a calone dosed to become salty, far from the famous very 90’s iodized notes of Kenzo pour Homme or Eau D’Issey which have become classics. Enhanced by a green note and a fresh melon, the aquatic freshness carries us away.

To respond to this flight of the modern sailor, the warm and sensual accords become velvety around amber woods but also forces animals of cashmeran and labdanum. However the freshness, nervous this time, of aromatics and citrus fruits comes to cut this intense pulsation to give it yet a new rhythm.

The Invictus man is made of surprises and pulsations which never cease to vary as the sporting challenge is at the heart of his being. The perfumers have designed a fragrance that resembles it and beats to the rhythm of the challenges to be met.

“Heroic woody-fresh.
Two forces: stinging freshness and animal heat.
Who wins?
Grapefruit and Guaiac wood collide.
The spiciness responds to the muscular. Double victory. “Paco Rabanne for Invictus.

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