Jasmin de Cherifa Eau de Parfum

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Jasmin de Cherifa Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Anthologie de Grands Crus. The notes of this fragrance are Egyptian Jasmine absolute Grand Cru, Egyptian Rose absolute centifolia Grand Cru (also from Cherifa’s fields), Indian Sandalwood Grand Cru

Jasmin de Cherifa Eau de Parfum
Jasmin de Cherifa Eau de Parfum


Just over an hour’s drive north of Cairo, there’s a botanical garden where L’Atelier Français des Matières Egyptian partner Cherifa Fakhry and his family cultivate an array of aromatic plants, including the stellar jasmine used in the perfume that pays him homage ?? Jasmin de Chérifa.
Due to jasmine’s high cost, most perfumes use synthetic versions, which tend to smell sharp and linear. Jasmin de Cherifa’s real jasmine will take you on a journey of the flower’s scent life cycle and in the process, taking your breathe away…
Cherifa was asked to use the flowers from their fields’ early, middle, and late crops to provide the full olfactive spectrum of the jasmine they harvest from June to October. Early jasmine, from June and July, is fresh and fruity. It turns floral and creamy midway through, in August, maturing into an animalic, indolic beauty in September. And that, along with an Egyptian rose absolute centifolia and a creamy Indian sandalwood to sing in its chorus, is what you get.
Velvety, fruity, creamy, and sensuous, with a surprise touch of clary sage for added brightness and dimension, Jasmin de Cherifa is a revelation demonstrating that its simplicity of construction makes it even more elegant and luxurious. As Oscar Wilde once said,?I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.??

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