Kenzo World Intense Eau de Parfum Kenzo

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Kenzo World Intense Eau de Parfum Kenzo is a 2017 Floral Gourmand Perfume by Kenzo for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian . Top notes are Plum. Middle notes are Peony, Jasmine. Base notes are Vanilla.

Kenzo World Intense Eau de Parfum Kenzo
Kenzo World Intense Eau de Parfum Kenzo


The sweet and feminine recipe of Kenzo World Intense

This concentrate of audacity was one of the most anticipated juices of 2016, and made a big splash in the feminine perfume department. Well, know that Kenzo has decided to repeat the experience and that the brand now presents us with Kenzo World Intense. Focus on this fragrance presented as “a floral and gourmet explosion”.

Kenzo World Intense and its feminine gluttony

Kenzo World is a totally confusing fragrance that was created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the brand new artistic directors. Completely self-taught, together they form a very daring duo, gifted to operate anything that is out of context and unexpected. Once again, with Kenzo World Intense, they decided to surprise us. This new fragrance encourages us to see the world differently and to take a different look. It releases a dynamic and joyful breath, igniting our daily life with unparalleled ardor. It is intended for confident and determined women, not afraid of being noticed. Kenzo World Intense is presented as a gourmet and floral fragrance. It begins with a sparkling and fruity aroma of black plum. This bewitching fruit quickly evolves towards more femininity. The heart of Kenzo World Intense is an overdose of jasmine peony. Finally, the whole is enveloped in gluttony and ends with a more syrupy vanilla.

Kenzo’s iconic eye-shaped bottle

Of course, Kenzo World Intense uses the iconic bottle of its predecessor. Indeed, in barely a year of marketing, this perfume immediately made itself known throughout the world. All women recognize it at a glance. It must be said that its shape is not really conventional! Kenzo World Intense is presented to us in a container in the shape of an eye. Its bottle dares to play on the contrasts of colors and materials. It combines black rubber, bluish green sandblasted glass and rose gold. All of this is reminiscent of the “mix and match” of Kenzo fashion. The Kenzo World Intense gommato hood is actually inspired by the brand iconic bag: the Kenzo Kalifornia. It is decorated with a small rose gold bead reminiscent of The Eye jewelry collection. Its sandblasted glass is darker than it used to be. The whole takes on a mysterious and fascinating silhouette that is not to displease us. Finally, a little extra that is important: know that Kenzo World Intense is also inscribed in Braille on its top. Every detail has therefore been thought out with precision and the new Kenzo World Intense eye is thus revealed from every angle to everyone’s eyes.

Kenzo World, released in 2016, has made its way into our perfume columns by offering us an original and flowery fragrance while standing out in an explosive and offbeat advertising campaign. From the first year, the surprising Kenzo World is a proven success and it is a safe bet that its pretty vanilla descendant of 2017, Kenzo World Intense, follows the same path to glory as it is built with new and daring scents.

Kenzo World Intense: the unexpected gluttony of Francis Kurkdjian and Maia Lernout

Until now, Kenzo perfumes were symbols of poetry, romanticism and flowery scents and delicate on the borders between Europe and Asia. Jeu d’Amour had already somewhat upset the balance between Flowers and other olfactory wonders, but the creation of Francis Kurkdjian, Kenzo Worl, will go even further…

Indeed the two new artistic directors of the Kenzo house , Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, wanted above all to surprise with a fragrance that would break the usual codes of the house of Kenzo. They will then ask Francis Kurkjian to innovate while preserving the identity of the founder of the Kenzo house. In the very first fragrance, Kenzo World, it is the flowers of jasmine and peonies that are honored through the sensual animalities of ambroxan.

Regarding Kenzo World Intense, the beautiful flowers of Kenzo World will be coated with gourmet notes at will under the waves this time from two perfumers, Francis Kurkdjian and Maia Lernout. The two creators already know each other by having composed together Rose Extase by Nina Ricci, they will once again prove their compositional and accomplice talents through this totally surprising Kenzo World Intense.

“With Maïa, our creative complicity is total. The collaboration came about naturally, inspired by the duo formed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon [Kenzo’s artistic directors] ”& nbsp; La Dépêche, Francis Kurkdjian for Kenzo World Intense.

When the floral-amber scent becomes a vanilla floral, it is called Kenzo World Intense

“We have designed a new olfactory accord. It takes the fundamentals of Kenzo World Eau de Parfum, which we have radically exacerbated with the duo formed by black plum and intense vanilla, to assert a new story ”& nbsp; La Dépêche, Francis Kurkdjian for Kenzo World Intense.

Let it be said, Kenzo World Intense is the perfumed portrait of a strong and determined woman, all the ingredients will therefore use their power to offer her a fragrance to match his temperament. The plum will open Kenzo World Intense with fruity but also intensely syrupy notes that will create a mysterious atmosphere at the start. Then the heart is illuminated with the jasmine and rosy beauties emblematic of Kenzo World to better blend into a unique vanilla trail giving Kenzo World Intense an intensely feminine and totally offbeat chiaroscuro gluttony.

Kenzo World Intense is at least as original as its predecessor Kenzo World. It loses its original amber to better curl up in gourmet scents with rare olfactory power, making it a luminous but also very mysterious floral fragrance.

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