La Femme Prada Intense Prada Eau de Parfum

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La Femme Prada Intense Prada Eau de Parfum is a 2017 Oriental Floral Perfume by Prada for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Tuberose. Middle notes are Ylang ylang. Base notes are Patchouli.

La Femme Prada Intense Prada Eau de Parfum
La Femme Prada Intense Prada Eau de Parfum


The Prada Woman in Intense version

However, it seems that Prada has decided to repeat this experience. The brand has decided to decline these two new juices in Eau de Parfum Intense versions. Focus on the most feminine of them …

All the classic Prada codes combined in one perfume

La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is an ambitious fragrance that tries to bring together all the codes of the Prada house associated with the image we have of absolute femininity. La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense embodies the quintessence of Prada perfumery. It highlights feminine sensuality and plays on the multitude of facets of the personality of women. Indeed, for Miuccia Prada, it is impossible to answer the question “Who is the Prada woman?” With a simple answer. Its character is multiple and it is precisely there that all its charm lies. To honor it, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is a fragrance that therefore has many facets. From then on, he takes us on a unique sensory journey, made of memories and modernity. Thus, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is

Prada’s architectural bottle

Before even discussing his recipe, let’s start by taking a closer look at his bottle. This is a true architectural work of art. It breaks down into two very distinct parts. The front of La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense by Prada is completely flat. This is transparent but has a kind of internal mirror reflecting the light. Formerly presented in a light gold, this part is now embellished with a more amber and warm hue. It is also decorated with the embossed Prada logo. The back of this bottle, on the other hand, is more rounded. La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is now available in a more intense burgundy red color. After all, what better color than this to embody fiery and passion?

The opulent recipe of La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense

On the scent side, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is based on three major ingredients. They have managed to keep the DNA of the first La Femme Prada perfume while giving it more charisma and personality than in the past. La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense first contains tuberose. A plant native to Mexico but cultivated today in India, tuberose has a heady start before developing a more creamy and honeyed note. It is then relayed by the exoticism of ylang-ylang, a flower from Madagascar and the Comoros. Its somewhat heady scent is at the same time powdery, fruity and floral. She throws us with a simple breath to the other side of the world. Finally, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense ends with the elegance of patchouli,

Prada perfumery is a perfumery that corresponds in every way to the values ​​of the haute-couture label as well as to the endearing and so unique personality of its founder, Miuccia Prada. Each perfume explores one of the facets of the house’s colors, and the perfumed couple the Prada Woman and the Prada Man perfectly illustrated the ambivalent and magnified image of the genre according to Prada. For the Intense Woman, Prada takes us again in a whirlwind of flowers while reserving us in its own way many beautiful surprises …

Odes and daring contradictions for a radiant Intense Prada Woman

Daniela Roche Andrier has exercised the multiplicity of her creative talents in perfumery for the Prada house for many years, to such an extent that she would have become one with her 28 perfumes signed for the house, her “unofficial” nose, as she likes to say. Obvious affinities are intense between the creator in perfumery and the beautiful personality of the stylist Miuccia Prada, to such an extent that Daniela Roche Andrier wants to be the “& nbsp; translator & nbsp;” in the scents of Prada colors.

With the Prada Woman, the nose who loves exotic flowers so much offered Miuccia Prada and all women her colorful and contrasting vision of femininity. A femininity that she deliberately did not try to exaggerate, on the contrary, she even counterbalanced it with typically masculine raw materials such as vetiver, masculine in essence.

For La Femme Prada Intense, Daniela Roche Andrier played on this same ambivalence by composing a very sensual and very opulent fragrance while adding a very present patchouli but above all in an amber overdose, much more masculine than feminine. Conversely, the perfumer clearly intensified the iris notes, typically feminine, in L’Homme Prada Intense.

“Prada fragrances have never been in the cliché of what a woman should smell. or what a man must smell. & nbsp; “1 affirms the” unofficial & nbsp; “perfumer Daniela Roche Andrier.

Tuberose and ylang-ylang stars of the Prada Intense Woman perfume

Voluntarily oriental and extremely hot, La Femme Prada Intense uses the most raw materials of its original juice The Prada Woman to magnify and intensify them to the extreme. Yet we know very little about its manufacturing secrets or even its composition, nevertheless the only three ingredients that Prada has conceded to make us discover already say a lot about the voluptuousness of its pairings.

The Prada Woman already opened with very original top notes of frangipani flower and ylang-ylang. The Prada Intense Woman will go even further and will dare to display top notes of a powerful and mysterious tuberose that will send its honeyed notes to the solar and exotic heart of ylang-ylang. Finally, the gourmet vanilla of the original juice has given way to a patchouli more earthy and warm than ever in order to display an almost virile power in the face of these so feminine pleasures.

“The Prada Woman Intense is an Eau de Parfum with a voluptuous, almost Oriental character, which exudes an intoxicating sensuality. “Prada for La Femme Prada Intense.

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