La Haine Eau de Parfum

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La Haine Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Moth and Rabbit. The notes of this fragrance are aldehyde, buchu leaf, bay, birch, cedar, metallic accord, leather, moss, musk

La Haine Eau de Parfum
La Haine Eau de Parfum


A contemporary black and white masterpiece directed by Mathieu Kassovitz’s, the film is set in a banlieue (government housing project) outside of Paris. In 24 hours, the movie provides a passage way into the lives of a mixed-race young male trio, consumed with the hatred fueled by police brutality and racial conflict. The fragrance was created to capture specific moments of aggression and tension in the film with smells of a cold blade, polished gun steel and the burning from riots and rubber from drive by shootings. Built around these elements are the scent of concrete and the septic environmental smells that fill the walls of government housing projects.

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