Lady Million Fabulous Paco Rabanne

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Lady Million Fabulous Paco Rabanne is a 2021 Oriental Floral by Paco Rabanne for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo . Top notes are Pink Pepper. Middle notes are Tuberose, Jasmine, Ylang ylang. Base notes are Tonka bean, Cashmere wood, Tree moss.

Lady Million Fabulous Paco Rabanne
Lady Million Fabulous Paco Rabanne


Lady Million Fabulous: The New Diamond by Paco Rabanne

This is how he imagined his Lady Million perfume, released in 2010. Incarnation of a provocative woman who succeeds in everything, Lady Million never ceases to be talked about and to bewitch us with her floral and solar scent. In 2021, he metamorphosed even more and gave birth to Lady Million Fabulous. If you are a queen of the night, this feminine scent is for you!

Lady Million Fabulous, the scent of an excessive and daring woman

For his advertising campaign, Paco Rabanne decided to trust photographer Daniel Sannwald. Here, he had the difficult task of immortalizing two top models that everything opposes: the pretty blonde Simona Kust and the African-American Londone Myers. Recurring faces of the biggest fashion magazines, the two young women appear here alongside Joey Bada, hip-hop artist and committed actor, born in Brooklyn. In the ad for Lady Million Fabulous, the trio invite themselves to a party. They firmly intend to dance until the early hours of the morning. In the street, totally dressed as Paco Rabanne, they appear as the kings and queens of the night. The one who wears the Lady Million Fabulous perfume likes to be noticed and it can be felt in her wake. Lady Million Fabulous seems to possess within him “the hypnotic power of music and the unbridled joy of dancing, because life is best lived at full volume”. When night falls, all eyes are on the one wearing Lady Million Fabulous. A true diva, she is both determined and terribly daring, simply sexy and fabulous!

Lady Million Fabulous, a floral and sensual diamond

Like all the perfumes in the Lady Million collection, Lady Million Fabulous comes in a bottle in the shape of a golden diamond. Sparkling at will, it is an undisputed symbol of luxury and elegance. However, in this edition, it is embellished with a small novelty: like a starry sky, it is traversed at its top by a black glittering rain. Lady Million Fabulous has put on her best outfit and intends to ignite your nights! On the scent side, it owes its existence to the perfumer Anne Flipo, who was already at the initiative of its very first edition in 2010. Here, the designer has chosen to deliver a very contrasting fragrance to us. It all starts with a fresh and spicy combination of tangerine, orange and pink pepper. A generous bouquet of solar flowers then invites itself into her heart. Lady Million Fabulous contains notably tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Gradually, vanilla and tonka bean envelop everything in animal sensuality. Oak moss and cashmere wood finally give structure to the whole with softness.

In 2021, the house of Paco Rabanne decides once again to sublimate one of its most famous perfumes: Lady Million. More than 10 years old, this feminine juice remains one of the bestsellers in world feminine perfumery. Presented in a recognizable bottle, it fascinates us with its diamond-shaped glass case and its floral notes that are always exuberant but refined. Incarnated on screen by female muses Simona Kust and Londone Myers, it renews its scent and becomes Lady Million Fabulous. Decryption of its composition.

Very contrasting top notes

Lady Million Fabulous is a perfume intended for an exuberant woman, living with excess and munching on life to the fullest. With her, the party is in full swing and the energy reaches new heights. However, this is precisely what resurfaces from the top notes of this perfume. Lady Million Fabulous is simply indomitable. It vibrates with refreshing but spicy ingredients. Like an olfactory shock, it combines the tangy and lively side of citrus fruit with the more spicy and warm breath of pink pepper. The result is a vibrant start, immediately capturing attention. The one who wears this perfume does not go unnoticed. Like a diva, she is a real eye-catcher.

The floral heart of Lady Million Fabulous

Like Lady Million, Lady Million Fabulous owes its existence to perfumer Anne Flipo. She wanted to preserve the DNA of the collection, while offering us a new vision of femininity. However, it is still indeed a floral juice, consisting mainly of white flowers. This gives it a particularly solar facet. The woman who carries this essence shines and it is felt even in her wake. Lady Million Fabulous releases an exotic scent. Through its alliance of jasmine and ylang-ylang, it takes us to a heavenly elsewhere. Tuberose, on the other hand, is more narcotic. Like jasmine, it is an absolute of femininity, renowned for its richness, its amended side, green and camphor.

The ultimate suave breath of Lady Million Fabulous

Little by little, Lady Million Fabulous switches to a more sensual olfactory register. For this, he relies on a suave and animal vanilla. Also coming from an exotic territory, vanilla arouses gluttony and invites people to come together. Woods also come to structure this fragrance, giving it more character and persistence. To preserve the sweetness of the vanilla, the tonka bean deposits its toasted and almond side on the whole. Cashmere wood is only softness and pleasure. Finally, oakmoss comes to darken the whole, revealing the more nocturnal facet of this composition.
Lady Million Fabulous is a “luminous fragrance that radiates with a sensual and exuberant joy, so that, as if you were in trance, your only concern is to dance ”.

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