L’Air du Temps L’Aurore Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

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L’Air du Temps L’Aurore Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci is a 2017 Chyprée Floral Cologne by Nina Ricci for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Becker Chalice . Top notes are Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom. Middle notes are Pink, Fig tree. Base notes are Tree moss, Wood.

L’Air du Temps L’Aurore Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci
L’Air du Temps L’Aurore Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci


The new clarity of L’Air du Temps L’Aurore

Eager to give us a new morning facet, Nina Ricci repeated this experience and this time offers us L’Air du Temps L’Aurore. This new juice is similar to the freshness of the morning. It is inspired by “a landscape in which the morning dew merges with the emerging light”.

The new clarity of L’Air du Temps L’Aurore

L’Air du Temps L’Aurore is a perfume that we owe to the perfumer Calice Becker. It is today an essential signature of perfumery. In addition, this designer is recognized for her ability to create very diverse fragrances. Nevertheless, she admits to being more particularly attracted by the scents emanating from the sour orange tree. Thus, the orange blossom appears from the top notes of this perfume. This brings a very radiant aura to this juice. It is then associated with the sweet bitterness of grapefruit. Nevertheless, L’Air du Temps L’Aurore is far from being too wise a perfume. Its flight is tickled with pink pepper. Then, it is a flagship element of feminine perfumery that enters the scene to sublimate the heart of this fragrance. L’Air du Temps L’Aurore lets speak the romanticism of the Damascus rose while associating it with the fruity and greedy aspect of the fig. Finally, this composition ends with more depth. The wake of L’Air du Temps L’Aurore lets a blend of driftwood and moss breathe.

Nina Ricci’s iconic bottle

Of course, everything is delivered to us in a bottle very inspired by the iconic setting of L’Air du Temps. This was designed in 1951 by Marc Lalique. Initially, it consisted of a crystal swirl topped by two chiseled doves. Thus, L’Air du Temps has always been the allegory of peace, tenderness and love. Today, this message is still alive and well. The swirling glass base of L’Air du Temps is still present. On the other hand, the doves of yesteryear have been revisited. These now feature soft pink feathers. They were produced by Maison Lemarié. Specializing in the art of plumasserie since 1880, it has drawn on the best of its know-how to enhance this exceptional bottle. The result is an absolutely splendid 100ml bottle. What’s more, its powdery pink color is particularly feminine. Everything fits perfectly with Nina Ricci’s description. According to the brand, this perfume symbolizes “a renewed femininity, alive, sensual and as light as a feather, embodying the freedom of a singular and fleeting movement”

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