Light Gray Eau de Parfum … Serge Lutens

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Light Gray Eau de Parfum … Serge Lutens is a 2006 Woody Amber Aromatic Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake . Top notes are Lavender. Middle notes are Amber. Base notes are Vanilla, Coumarin, White musks, Iris, Tonka bean, Cedar.

Light Gray Eau de Parfum … Serge Lutens
Light Gray Eau de Parfum … Serge Lutens


Light Gray: Lavender flirts with incense

Poet and esthete, Lutens sprinkles in 2006 with his Clair Gris perfume original and new scents of dry lavender and still smoky of the sun where the lights are cold and ashy then divinely soft and enveloping …

Light gray or the scent of toasted lavender, part in incense smoke to better reborn …

After having surprised us with mysterious woods such as Féminité du Bois and bewitching Orientals like Amber Sultan, Lutens proposes to paint with his scented brushes a field of lavender after the great summer heat. Yet despite the now more familiar decor, the magic of Lutens poetry still operates and makes us dream of its gray and dusty lavender, hot as the candle that has just been extinguished.

Just like the deep gap between Lutens niche perfumes and classic perfumery, Light Gray does not legislate with lavender offered as usual in an aromatic suit. But he was not the only one, it will be said. Because, indeed, Lutens admits being inspired by the fabulous work of the legendary Pour un Homme by Caron.

Released in 1934 Pour un homme, developed by Ernest Daltroff, offers lavender and aromatics outside the usual scope of Eau de Cologne by enveloping them in a warm and sensual wake, a first in men’s perfumery. With Gris Clair, Lutens is inspired by this fragrance while abandoning honeyed notes in favor of almost mineral notes, which makes Gris Clair a precursor and Pour un homme a great classic.

Thus Pour un homme is an oriental aromatic where Gris Clair is an aromatic woody. The comparison will therefore end here. Its contrasts, shadows and pure sunrays, therefore, make Gris Clair a pure creation by the master of light games Lutens.

A minimalist and delicate late summer painting for a Lutens with measured elegance.

< p> The lovely Lutens bottle lets the fabulous light gray sun rays of the fragrance shine through the glass. Ashy and yet very bright, the reflections of this pretty Light Gray suggest the best.

The root and pollen notes asserted from the start take us directly to the heart of the lavender field that Lutens and Sheldrake wish to describe all. Then of course the intoxicating and bursting heart of lavender takes us by storm with its aromatic power.

The creators suddenly change the scenery with the dry, resinous and powdery base notes. As if the lavender had ignited by a strong heat wave or a few too strong rays of the sun, the tonka bean and the cedar burn the aromatic lavender and they intoxicate it with woody scents. Then the fire calms down, the ashes dissipate and the notes powder into delicate irises and white musks. This restored calm will even be added with some vanilla delicacies to comfort us after this fiery lavender.

“It’s pollen wandering over a dead city.
Gray, like ash on the air floating a dust crossed by the sun.
Lavender, and for it to be gray, incense, I’m crazy about it!
In all senses, it incenses my senses. »Serge Lutens for Gris Clair.

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