London Eau de Parfum

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London Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Gallivant. The notes of this fragrance are Cucumber, violet leaves, rose de mai, rose oil, orris root, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar

London Eau de Parfum
London Eau de Parfum


London- a massive city that sometimes feels like a small town. Soaring buildings abut down-to-earth pubs. Overwhelming, but inexplicably addictive. And, as much as the Brits have a well-earned reputation for stuffiness, it’s all tied together with a wicked sense of humor. Where else can you find such a sea of humanity, east end boys and west end girls in second-hand leather jackets, the creative, the new, old, the beautiful, the ugly, the rich and the poor, all just rubbing along and making their way in one of the world’s true capitals?
Gallivant presents a particularly unique olfactive portrait of London- a wet spring, where roses from Columbia Rd. radiate from courtyard gardens, bouncing off the dustiness of Georgian architecture, embracing an earthy lush wetness that makes it feel as if the city grew organically from British soil. Richly floral, deeply intoxicating, London is the spirit of the United Kingdom.

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