Mad About You Eau de Parfum

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Mad About You Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection. The notes of this fragrance are Black tea, licorice, red fruits, lipstick, violet, leather

Mad About You Eau de Parfum
Mad About You Eau de Parfum


Composed in 2017 for “The Kiss” art exhibition, Mad About You is a seductive and surprisingly complex fragrance inspired by the humor and discordance of neo-romanticism and love in the age of social media. It presents this concept as a contrast between sweeping, sweetly romantic gourmand notes- candy, juicy red fruit, a touch of lipstick- and a woody, powdery leather and violet base, buttressed with smoky black tea. It’s enchanting, playful, and pretty, and yet the tea and leather hum underneath, reminding us of the constant stream of electricity and data undergirding interactions once accomplished entirely face-to-face. Of course, with a lovely, fun, and sophisticated scent like this in your arsenal, we have a feeling that first meet-up is going to go just fine.

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