Nocturnal Poetry Parfum

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Nocturnal Poetry Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Violet, champaca, rosewood, beeswax, frankincense, myrrh, coffee bean, rose, tobacco, hay, jasmine, leather, castoreum, hyrax, civet, musk, oud, turmeric, cumin

Nocturnal Poetry Parfum
Nocturnal Poetry Parfum


Who says a nightmare needs to be a bad experience? In the talented imagination of Prin Lomros, the surreal feeling that accompanies an unsettling dream is sublime inspiration. This sensation is captured to enchanting effect in Nocturnal Poetry, a lush, intoxicating floral with the spicy, animalic complexity that PRIN is known for. A cool, green and thorny bouquet of violet, champaca, and rose sits in a misty fog of incense and myrrh, kissed with sweet, earthy notes of beeswax, hay, and coffee. A dark base of oud, animalics and leather beckons with provocative mystery, but Lomros always keeps Nocturnal Poetry from becoming too unsettling- ultimately, this dreamlike floral is a journey anyone will enjoy taking.

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