Rochas Eau de Parfum Woman Rochas

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Rochas Eau de Parfum Woman Rochas is a 1944 Chyprée Spicy Fruity Perfume by Rochas for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Edmond Roudnitska . Top notes are Peach, Bergamot, Plum. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Immortal, Ylang ylang. Base notes are Oak moss, Patchouli, White musks, Sandalwood, Cumin, Ambergris.

Rochas Eau de Parfum Woman Rochas
Rochas Eau de Parfum Woman Rochas


Woman of Rochas the perfume of love

Alongside the big nose Edmond Roudnitska, Marcel Rochas composes this Woman as a sensual and carnal ode to the one he loves but also to all those who inspire him. A true fragrance of absolute femininity, Femme exudes an air of freedom to the women of the Liberation …

Woman I love you or Woman of Rochas …

Rochas perfumes had already seduced women in the 1930s with pretty fragrances with evocative names such as Audace or Air Jeune. But the perfume was still missing which, like the house’s feminine models, would know how to create a full identity for itself, breathe a new air like Marcel Rochas loves to distill them in his couture.

During the war , Marcel Rochas puts the great Edmond Roudnitska to whom he spoke about his crazy project to create a perfume in honor of his future wife, Hélène. The nose, already so talented, then presented him with a unique composition around a synthetic material which, associated with prunol, formed a scent of totally delicious candied plum. By adding splendid flowers, a chypre base and some fruity spices, a fragrance of absolutely new sensuality is born: Femme de Rochas.

Released in 1944, Femme de Rochas was a huge success with women who, at the end of the war, were only looking for brilliant novelties and scents that would exude the joy of life and sensuality. Like an elixir of love, Femme de Rochas invented a new way to perfume and love yourself in a bottle …

Femme de Rochas, a sensual chypre with absolute femininity

Offered as the brilliant and disturbing silhouette of a dream woman, the bottle of Femme de Rochas was first made in Lalique crystal in order to create such voluptuous curves. The glamorous black lace which then decorated the packaging of Femme was of course a reference to the creation that Marcel Rochas made a few years earlier for Mae West, a great actress.

The beautiful composition of Edmond Roudnitska offers in an opening ballet pretty fruit notes between a velvety peach and a sparkling bergamot. The plum appears as candied to better blend in with the precious flowery heart of “this” Woman. Indeed the choir orchestrated around jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang sends us its splendours by coloring itself with some exotic and spicy scents of immortelle. Finally, the chypre sensualities built around ambergris, patchouli, oak moss and sandalwood are wrapped in a sparkling cumin to create a deep and spicy trail to the so beloved Woman of Rochas.

“Madly in love with Hélène, his wife recently, Marcel Rochas urges Edmond Roudnitska to concoct a perfume of absolute femininity for him. A fragrance that captures the style of his sculptural creations with heightened sensuality. »Interparfums (owner of Rochas) for Women.

In 1944, the Rochas house presented “Femme”, a woman’s fragrance filled with sensuality and daring, which perfectly corresponded to the free spirit of the end of the war. “Femme” is also a perfume desired by Marcel Rochas, the creator of the brand, for his wife Hélène, whom he had just met. Like a declaration of love, “Woman” is full of absolute femininity. Both powerful and floral, the composition is signed by Edmond Roudnitska.

Femme de Rochas, an olfactory tribute by Edmond Roudnitska

Edmond Roudnitska was born in Nice, in 1905. He began to study chemistry before becoming a perfumer. He began in 1926 in an analytical laboratory. Curious and insightful, Edmond Roudnitska becomes a talented perfumer. In 1946, with his wife, he founded his own creative laboratory called “Art and Creations”, and settled near Grasse. Edmond Roudnitska has also written books, mainly on perfume. We owe Edmond Roudnitska some great olfactory successes, such as “Eau d’Hermès” by Hermès or “Eau Sauvage” by Dior.

Femme Rochas, sensuality above all else

< p> “Woman” begins with fruity notes, those of plum and peach, associated with bergamot and Brazilian rosewood. Native to South China, the peach was the favorite fruit of Harpocrates, the God of silence. In France, fishing has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. In Versailles, the Jardin du Roi Soleil had more than 30 varieties of peach. Peaches have juicy, fruity flesh and offer a pleasant scent. In perfumery, peach is reproduced in the laboratory thanks to molecules, mainly thanks to “gamma-undecalactone”. The peach gives off sweet, fruity, apricot and juicy tones. Then, the heart of “Woman” is a perfect harmony between flowers and spices, giving the whole composition its power of character. The heart combines rose, jasmine, carnation, iris, enhanced by cloves.

The latter is actually a flower bud from the clove tree. The clove is introduced in Europe from the 4th century. In the Middle Ages, cloves were used to fight against major epidemics such as the plague. Cloves hold an important place in cooking today, both sweet and savory and can be found in cakes, stews, sauces and even spice mixes. Used by dentists, everyone tastes like cloves in the mouth … In perfumery, dried flower buds are distilled to obtain clove essence. It gives off both spicy and floral tones. Finally, the base of “Femme” is ultra sensual and intense thanks to the presence of benzoin, vanilla, patchouli, cumin and oak moss.

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