SHE Shihan Eau de Parfum

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SHE Shihan Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Piotr Czarnecki. The notes of this fragrance are Plum, violet, rose, tobacco, incense, spices, vanilla

SHE Shihan Eau de Parfum
SHE Shihan Eau de Parfum


If Piotr Czarnecki’s instant cult hit Shihan (formerly called Sensei) was an ode to the perfumer’s roots as a professional ballroom dancer- sensual, balanced, and unexpectedly muscular- then SHE Shihan could rightfully be thought of as an even more elegant, unabashedly feminine ballet. Building from the original’s unisex oriental gourmand notes of tobacco, whiskey, vanilla and spices, SHE Shihan glides confidently into the world of women’s scent, adding a sweet, fresh garden rose to the still beguilingly spiced opening. In the heart of the fragrance, the original’s myrrh and frankincense are rounded out with an exquisite, slightly chocolately plum and floral notes of violet and rose petal. While the drydown still features a sweet, shimmering labdanum and ambrette base, the addition of extra vanilla keeps SHE Shihan carefully walking the line between classically rich and surprisingly sexy.
No matter what aspect of this gracefully sweet, gorgeously captivating fragrance appeals the most, we’re positive that Piotr Czarnecki has yet again stolen our hearts.

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