Thurible Eau de Parfum

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Thurible Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Rook Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are clove, ash, sage, black pepper, labdanum, incense, rose, patchouli, leather, ambergris and moss

Thurible Eau de Parfum
Thurible Eau de Parfum


The best kept secret about incense in perfumery is how magically versatile it is- it can be smoky, of course, but also resinous and animalic, or sparkling and fresh, or opulent and narcotic. Thurible is the rare incense scent that seems to contain it all, a wonderfully complex ode to this beloved material that still coalesces into a beautifully wearable and stylish signature. A sweet, clove-forward spice and herb blend supplements the church-ier aspects of the incense- cool, smoky, and sheer- while warmer, more resinous facets intertwine with rich, earthy labdanum and patchouli. A third chord- clean, sparkling incense with fresh rose and oakmoss- pulls everything together with a timeless twinkle. A must-smell for all incense lovers, Thurible is a comfortably sophisticated incense scent we’re head over heels for.

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