Tobacco Rose Eau de Parfum

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Tobacco Rose Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Papillon Artisan Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, oakmoss, ambergris, beeswax and peru balsam.

Tobacco Rose Eau de Parfum
Tobacco Rose Eau de Parfum


A sensual blend of Bulgarian rose, geranium and Rose de Mai form an opulent backdrop of velvety rose notes set against a luxuriously rich and smoky base of French hay and earthy oak moss.Soft animalic touches of ambergris and beeswax have been suspended in a sumptuous blend of musks, creating an enigmatic, alluring and unmistakable perfume. A stunningly different interpretation of the majestic rose.
“Anthropomorphised throughout literature and poetry the illustrious rose is immortally bound to its sweet, old fashioned and pretty stereotype. Tobacco Rose combines the scent of overblown roses with rich, mineral notes, as though one were breathing in not only the fading petals but the rich earth from which a rose grows. This is a perfume that rejects prettiness but instead combines the opposing masculine and feminine elements that fuse within nature.” – Liz Moores, perfumer

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