Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Exotic Night Eau de Parfum

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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Exotic Night Eau de Parfum is a 2019 Oriental Oriental Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Nathalie Lorson Marie Salamagne , Olivier Cresp , Honorine Blanc Olivier Cresp , Honorine Blanc. Top notes are Coffee. Middle notes are Orange Blossom. Base notes are Cedar, Patchouli, Vanilla.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Exotic Night Eau de Parfum
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Exotic Night Eau de Parfum


An exotic night with Black Opium

Scandalizing for some. Fascinating to others. Opium has survived the decades to become one of the greatest juices in the history of female perfumery. 2014: Black Opium brings this great fragrance back to the fore and reinvents it for today’s women. Once again, this juice ranks among the most popular essences on the planet. To celebrate his glory, Yves Saint-Laurent offers him this time an original bottle. Focus on Black Opium Exotic Night, limited edition of this star of feminine fragrances.

Black Opium Exotic Night, the scent of a dangerously seductive woman

Black Opium Exotic Night is a composition intended for a carefree woman, a little boyish, enjoying taking on new and crazier challenges. Black Opium Exotic Night flirts with the forbidden and seems guided only by its desires. The woman who wears this perfume is freed from all constraints, approaching life impulsively. Black Opium Exotic Night is a very energizing fragrance, for all those who do not hold in place and who above all advocate movement. Once again, it takes us on a new adventure, leaving the urban rage for a more lush forest.

Black Opium Exotic Night, a floral coffee

Black Opium Exotic Night is a perfume that does not lack temperament and whose scent revolves mainly around coffee. Bursting with energy, Black Opium Exotic Night plays in a rather dark register, daring the vibrant intensity of spices, and in particular pink berries. For more sweetness, this fragrance is nevertheless softened by a few white flowers, such as jasmine or orange blossom. These ingredients are the pledge of all her femininity. A dazzling pear invites itself into its top notes for more indulgence, while being relayed by a sulfurous vanilla. Finally, as if to reaffirm its strong character once again, Black Opium Exotic Night ends with an alliance of cedar and patchouli, ingredients of exceptional tenacity, making the mystery and elegance soar here.

The new bottle of Black Opium Exotic Night

It only remains for us to discover the real novelty of Black Opium Exotic Night: its bottle. If this one seems strangely familiar, it adopts a very different style from its predecessors. This limited edition seems to have put on its festive outfit, relying more than ever on sequins. The latter form palm leaves on all its walls. Playing on a play of shadow and light, these sparkling plants are displayed on a transparent, slightly pinkish glass. A luminous porthole is always present in the center of this bottle. It seems to open a window on the perfume it contains. The whole is surmounted by a small black cap, as if the night was falling little by little on the department of Yves Saint-Laurent.

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