Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum

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Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum is a 2004 Oriental Floral Musky Powdery Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier . Top notes are Mandarin, Cyclamen. Middle notes are Jasmine, Peony. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks.

Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum
Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum


Cinema, the star of Yves Saint-Laurent

Her first great success “Rive Gauche” which occurs after the feminine revolution delicately whispered in the ear of women “You are free” … We owe her perfumes that have become legendary and timeless such as “Opium, Kouros or even Paris “… In 2004, Yves Saint-Laurent unveils“ Cinema ”. An intense charm, a glamor at will, which make those who wear “Cinema” a star for a day or forever …

Cinema, the star of Yves Saint-Laurent

Direction La Croisette, to attend the Cannes Film Festival… Yves Saint-Laurent takes us directly into the spotlight. Cinema is the scent of an elegant woman, who likes to please and who likes to attract glances. Like a star, this woman is constantly coveted and adored. “Cinema” could be the scent of female stars around the world, the most famous. Its captivating fragrance immediately propels you into the limelight. “Cinema” looks like a concentrate of femininity, glamor, dreams and celebrity. “Cinema” is daring, but also refined. The Yves Saint-Laurent woman is sure of herself, she moves forward in the spotlight… Attention, light!

Floral and sensual notes of Cinema

Cinéma” was designed for the stars , so it is an ultra feminine and very luminous perfume. “Cinema” opens with the sparkling notes of mandarin. These are combined with the sensuality of the almond blossom. Its heart is extremely floral and feminine with the presence of amaryllis, jasmine and peony. The base is more voluptuous and sensual, in particular thanks to ambergris and white musks. Bourbon vanilla also offers its touch of exotic sensuality. These last notes give the composition depth and charm. As for the bottle, it also shows beauty and daring. It was inspired by a work by Line Vautrin, an emblematic Parisian sculptor of the 1950s. This sculpture was called “The poetess of metal”. The bottle thus harmoniously mixes gold and light. The thick glass is rectangular and very worked. The mirror play of this bottle-case reveals gold letters on its front face and forms the word “Cinema”. The whole is topped with a dice cap in satin gold metal. The “Cinéma” bottle is one of the most luxurious in the Yves Saint-Laurent range of perfumes.

In the limelight, “Cinema”… For all those who dream of being a star, Yves Saint-Laurent has imagined a particularly daring and luminous juice. Its floral and oriental notes offer beauty, femininity and sensuality. The unusual bottle joins the composition to present an exceptional, star perfume.

After paying tribute to the favorite music of the master of couture with Jazz, the Yves Saint-Laurent perfume house wanted to create a fragrance in honor of its founder’s great love for cinema. Jacques Cavallier composed for this pretty Cinema an ode to radiant femininity, which literally explodes in the limelight. Cinema is seen, felt and lived with passion, just as a good film makes us vibrate.

Cinema or the declaration of love to women by Jacques Cavallier for Yves Saint-Laurent

Jacques Cavallier is a perfumer who composed his first successes in the 80s with original creations such as Eau d’Issey, Feu d’Issey or even the famous Opium. The perfumer likes what shines, what sparkles and what astonishes and Cinema will be precisely one of these.

Besides, he will obtain the year of the release of Cinema in 2004 the award coveted by the François Coty International Perfume Prize. Because the “sacred monster” of perfume is a creative, a jack-of-all-trades who above all likes to innovate by using the most beautiful natural raw materials. He thus considers that his type of creation in perfumery is “a perfumery of feeling, which allows us to be more true. We have to be generous, there is something alive, local. I am in the pleasure of creating ”& nbsp; Jacques Cavallier.

In order to offer the best of his happiness to the creation of a perfume, Jacques Cavallier created for Cinéma a radiant fragrance with luminosity as if lit up with a thousand lights on the set of a large filming. For Cinema, each woman is lit with a star light, glamorous at will and above all ultra feminine.

A perfume with luminous flowers and dazzling freshness: Cinema

Cinema does not play the starlets of perfumery, far from it it is certainly the prerogative of the greatest ladies of the seventh art as its accords are so precious and rare. He also exhibits the woman he dresses from three different angles of view: the radiant facet first of all, the very feminine and glamorous facet then finally the sensual facet.

Cinema indeed offers to these ladies illuminate their joie de vivre and their fiery temperament with head chords of Corsican clementine accompanied by a soft “make-up” powdered with almond blossoms, just before entering the light of the camera. Then the action is launched, the heart lights up with the beauties of peonies, amaryllis and sambac jasmine. You only have to look at the Cinema woman to be totally won over by these more obscure charms which appear on the screen in depths of benzoin, ambergris, white musk and vanilla.

“Its fragrance : a flamboyant bouquet of glamor and femininity that sparkles in gold and light. A dazzling fragrance for a divine woman, who moves forward in life as in the limelight, elegant and sure of herself. In its wake, the flashes crackle… ”Yves Saint-Laurent for Cinéma.

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