Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau de Toilette

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Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau de Toilette is a 1981 Fougere Leather Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Pierre Bourdon . Top notes are Mugwort, Lavender, Aldehydes, Coriander. Middle notes are Cloves, Geranium, Eyelet. Base notes are Oak moss, Vetiver, Coumarin, Civet, Honey, Animalis.

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau de Toilette


Kouros, come and test its strength of attraction

His first perfume, “Rive Gauche” in 1971, denotes and homologates the new style of Parisiennes of the 70s. In 1981, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to “take care of” men’s perfumes and signs a new olfactory revolution with “Kouros”. Undisputed planetary success, “Kouros” is beautiful and strong, it is the scent of the living Gods.

The forces of ancient Greece

The least we can say is that “Kouros” is a conquering, daring jus. A kouros is a statue of a young man, represented naked. These sculptures date from ancient Greece. After sand and wood, the kouros is built of stone and its image is associated with that of a strong man, a Greek god. It was during a trip to Greece that Yves Saint-Laurent developed a passion for his Kouros statues. A haughty bearing of the head, a straight look, perfect musculature… This is what Yves Saint-Laurent wishes to convey olfactorily. “Kouros” is the symbol of strength and male power. Greek mythology makes this composition a living, fascinating myth and endows the Kouros man with strength, energy and virility.

The ultra masculine notes of Kouros

The perfumer Pierre Bourdon was chosen to compose this very masculine juice. He decided to register “Kouros” in the “chypre / leather” category. The start of “Kouros” is very vital with notes of bergamot and lemon zest which gives dynamism from the start. These are associated with aromatic notes such as lavender and bay leaf. The heart contrasts between floral notes like jasmine and carnation and spicy notes like coriander or cinnamon. The base, meanwhile, is warm, charismatic and magnetic at will, thanks to the combination of Haitian vetiver, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, patchouli, but above all leathery notes. As for the bottle, it is sober, stripped of all frills. Its white color recalls the marble color of the statues. The shiny silver notes contrast with the immaculate white to bring a final touch of elegance. Yves Saint-Laurent’s Apollo therefore naturally seduces with his charisma and his force of attraction, do you want to test him?

“Kouros” or the incarnation of the perfume of the living gods. Appeared in the early 1980s, “Kouros” revolutionized the world of men’s perfumery. Inspired by statues of Greek men, “Kouros” has it all, power, virility, and strength. “Kouros” is the perfect olfactory representation of the irresistible man, sure of himself, a bit macho perhaps… Daring, this juice exalts the man, the real one!

Released in 1981, “ Kouros ”will be an immediate success. Ultra virile, even macho, “Kouros” appeared as the fragrance of strong men, thus echoing the Greek gods. “Kouros” undoubtedly parades the daring spirit of Yves Saint Laurent who likes to stand out and assert his own personality. The masculine fragrance of men par excellence, the strength of “Kouros” will place it on the top of the podium upon its release. “Kouros” statue representing a young man with a completely naked body, enters the legend thanks to the talent of Pierre Bourdon.

Kouros, a masculine scent innovation signed Pierre Bourdon

In order to set up a composition as virile as it is sexy, Yves Saint Laurent called on Pierre Bourdon. His father, René Bourdon was deputy director of Dior perfumes, which is to say that little Pierre was brought up in love with scents… The meeting with Edmond Roudnitska upset the fate of Pierre Bourdon, who was destined for a literary career. After 5 years of training at the Roure perfumery (in Grasse), Pierre Bourdon takes off. He is considered a man with great artistic sense, but discreet. He likes simple formulas and doesn’t clutter up his compositions with unnecessary ingredients. During his career, he imagined very different compositions, proving his formidable capacity of adaptation. We owe Pierre Bourdon great perfumes such as “Dolce Vita” by Christian Dior, or “Magnetism” by Escada.

The Kouros fragrance, seduction again and again

With “Kouros” you enter directly into the game of seduction. Conqueror and defiant, the man “Kouros” exudes unparalleled charisma. “Kouros” with its pristine white bottle looks like a god from another time. “Kouros” takes off on not only sparkling, but also aromatic notes and combines bay leaf, bergamot and mugwort, all enhanced by coriander. Mugwort is an aromatic herbaceous plant. It comes from temperate European climates and likes sunny soils. While mugwort is found in food, it is very popular in perfumery. It is used there in masculine compositions, because it gives off a very manly aspect. It offers camphoric, bitter, fresh and herbaceous tones at the same time. Then, the heart of “Kouros” evolves towards very spicy floral tones and combines carnation, jasmine and geranium which combine with cinnamon. Geranium is native to South Africa, and generally grows, in the wild. Geranium essential oil is obtained by steam expansion of the leaves and stems before flowering. In perfumery, geranium is often used in men’s perfumes. It gives off both minty and spicy tones. Finally, the base of “Kouros” is triumphantly sensual and marvelously combines ambergris, white musks, patchouli and vetiver… A conquering fragrance that leaves a divinely powerful trail, one of the greatest successes of the Yves Saint Laurent house.

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